Keep Calm and Eat Gummies: How CBD Helps With Anxiety and Depression

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Anxiety and depression are, sadly, issues people deal with every day. Fortunately, CBD for anxiety and depression is a great, natural, and accessible solution.

Anxiety and depression are the bearers of the great mental plague of our age.

A wealth of solutions and treatments have been proposed so far. Using CBD for anxiety and depression is a fairly new trend and it’s no fad. With each passing day, science sheds a bit more light on the huge therapeutic potential of this cannabinoid.  

Many people believe it helps them cope with various issues and conditions.

If you ask us, it’s worth exploring this option. After all, CBD is a natural and safe compound that comes with low risks.

Here is what you need to know if you want to gum your way out of mental woes.

CBD in a Nutshell

CBD is one of several main, naturally-occurring cannabinoids in a cannabis plant.

It’s one of the most researched compounds with a range of potential applications. As for CBD gummies, they are one popular form of cannabidiol edibles. In other words, they are infused with oil derived from CBD.

This therapeutic compound is first extracted from a plant and then processed into oil. The final step is adding oil to the edible (gummy). What’s special about this solution?

Well, to start off, there are several advantages associated with consuming CBD in this way. Gummies are tasty, convenient, and discrete—a nice combo we have there.

And don’t worry: they don’t have nearly enough THC to get you high. CBD itself isn’t psychoactive. Instead, it offers various therapeutic benefits.

How CBD Combats Mental Health Issues

Namely, several studies have revealed CBD can act as a powerful antidepressant.

It reduces perceived depression symptoms by altering brain CB1 receptor and serotonin signals. Serotonin is the key neurotransmitter that regulates mood and wellbeing. Low levels of it are right at the core of many mental health problems.

It’s the same thing with anxiety. By raising serotonin levels, CBD soothes the mind and eases this debilitating condition. More specifically, it can treat:

  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Many consumers report having fewer worrisome and sad thoughts. At the same time, they suffer from less severe physical symptoms that accompany anxiety. Think in terms of chest pain, rapid heartbeat, etc.  

There are other ways in which the benefits manifest. You may feel renewed vigor and enthusiasm for activities you used to enjoy a lot before. Finally, CBD products are known to alleviate chronic pain, inflammation.

It Gets Even Better

On top of all that, CBD improves sleep patterns and decreases anxiety-induced insomnia.

Make no mistake—getting a good night’s sleep regularly isn’t just nice. It can work wonders both for physical and mental health.

Research also suggests that other elements that exist in CBD gummies, such as vitamin D, could be highly beneficial. They seem to help in warding off symptoms of chronic depression.

So, it’s not just the CBD that matters, but the whole entourage of compounds.

And the beauty of using gummies is there are almost no side effects, apart from dry mouth and fatigue. The risk of addiction is minimal as well.  

Of course, we need way more studies to fully understand how CBD impacts mental health. The whole industry is in its infancy and many scientific papers are only now emerging. Nevertheless, the results so far leave a lot of room for optimism.

Types of CBD Gummies

Next, let’s examine a few types of CBD gummies you can consider.

The first one is the full-spectrum CBD. It contains the widest range of phytochemicals that exist in a mature plant. The list includes terpenes, vitamins, other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids.

There’s usually THC present, yet only in trace amounts. This small amount plays a role though in the “entourage effect.”

Secondly, we have broad-spectrum CBD. It also holds a variety of plant compounds, but no THC. Hence the name broad-spectrum, as opposed to full-spectrum.

The third category is CBD isolate, which delivers the highest concentration of the base cannabinoid. To be more precise, isolates have purity upward of 99%.

It doesn’t get better than that in terms of potency.

This isn’t to say sheer potency should be your main concern. Unless you also want to treat pain, you can go for lower concentrations of CBD.

Covering All the Bases

Before you embark on a shopping adventure, keep in mind the following issues.

To be federally legal, a CBD product can’t contain more than 0.3% THC. Only CBD gummies with trace amounts of THC are classified as hemp-derived items.

The legal situation varies from state to state, but it’s better not to risk.

Another key point is that CBD isn’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). So far, the body has approved CBD only for the treatment of epilepsy.

As a result, standards for products are fickle and labeling practices far from uniform.

For instance, some brands use terms full-spectrum and broad-spectrum interchangeably. Product flavors, purity, ingredients, and colors run the gamut.

The lesson is that caution and due diligence are always prescribed. To stay on the safe side, find reputable brands that use third-party testing.

For example, you can try out these hemp gummies for anxiety. They are top-notch, full-spectrum CBD edibles produced from organically-grown hemp.

Organic sourcing is always a great sign when looking for CBD products. It holds the key to attaining green bliss without taking bad with the good.

CBD for Anxiety and Depression Is a Real Deal

The science behind CBD edibles is sound.

It chemically empowers us to banish a host of menaces such as poor sleep patterns. What is more, numerous users swear by using CBD for anxiety and depression, providing a ton of anecdotal evidence.

Gummies are no silver bullet, but they can help us turn the tide of the mental health battle.

Just make sure to do your homework and find a product tailored to your specific needs. You can also talk to your doctor to establish whether CBD is a good fit for you at all.

Much-needed relief and peace of mind are within grasp.

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