Non-Surgical Procedures You Should Consider

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If you’ve taken time during the pandemic to work on your body and your diet, you have probably learned a lot about your own tastes and habits. However, there are stubborn spots on every body that just don’t respond well to diet or exercise. If you’ve been struggling to tone up a certain area, or to lose weight, help is available.

For areas of stubborn fat, you may want to consider CoolSculpting. This treatment works by crystallizing and ultimately destroying fat cells by layer. The cooling treatment breaks down the cell walls and your body treats this as waste to be flushed out of the system. CoolSculpting is not about weight loss. At the end of the treatment, you will actually have fewer fat cells.

If you struggle with spider veins or varicose veins, a sclerotherapy treatment may be the best option. This therapy destroys the damaged blood vessels that cause the unsightly bulges and discolorations that are the obvious sign of a damaged vein. It’s important to note that the pooled blood that shows up in a varicose vein is not an indicator that a major blood vessel lives there. This discoloration is just a sign that a small, weak blood vessel has failed and is filled with uncirculated blood. 

You will need to wear stockings and carefully follow your instructions as provided by Absolute Cosmetic Medicine in Perth following your treatment. A full medical history will be taken before your treatment.

For the Face

If you suffer from rosacea, you may despair of ever controlling the redness and inflammation inherent in the condition. However, the Kleresca Rosacea therapy uses fluorescent light energy to boost the ability of your skin to heal itself. A gel is applied and LED light is applied to stimulate the skin. This treatment can be used to treat three different forms of rosacea: 

  • Erythematotelongiectatic 
  • Papulopustular 
  • Phymatous 

To control facial hair and enjoy deliciously smooth skin, consider a dermaplaning appointment. This deep exfoliation procedure removes peach fuzz and any built-up dirt or oils on your skin. Not only will this procedure produce fresh, clean and glowing skin, but your skincare products will work better and penetrate more deeply after the session.

Lose the Double Chin

There are several methods of removing or reducing the double chin. CoolSculpting, as described above, can help. You can also make an appointment for fat dissolving injections. This therapy, again, breaks down the cell walls of the fat cell and reduces the amount of fat those tissues can maintain. A careful history will be taken to make sure that you are a good candidate for this treatment; while it is effective, no procedure is risk-free and any pre-existing challenges must be noted before we can start.


If you’re ready to look and feel better about your health, face and body, there is help available. Sometimes, no matter how hard we work, there are pockets of fat or loose skin that just won’t comply. You’re not alone and support is available.

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