Our Guide to Ultra Smooth Skin: 6 Waxing and Shaving Tips

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So many guys and gals chase after ultra smooth skin, but it’s no pipe dream! Learn some tips to getting perfect smoothness wherever you desire here.

On average, a woman will shave over seven thousand times in her lifetime. But are they getting the silky smooth results they’re looking for?

Guys spend plenty of time shaving, too. They devote around four months of their entire life to removing unwanted hair.

Whether your shave, pluck, wax, or try out laser hair removal, you’re looking for one thing: ultra smooth skin. The thing is, you can’t just take a razor to your leg (or a wax to your back, etc.) and get the results you want.

There’s an art to getting silky soft and hair-free skin and getting rid of hair is just the beginning. Follow all of the steps to our guide on how to get smooth skin for beautiful, touchable, and irresistible results.


Before you try any hair removal techniques at home or at the spa, you need to pre-game. The steps you take beforehand help you achieve that smooth look you’re going for.

First, exfoliate. Scrubbing the dead skin off helps you get closer to the hair root.

The more hair you expose the closer the shave. You can use a body scrub, a dry brush, or even a chemical exfoliant.

Try a DIY blend of coffee grounds or brown sugar in a healthy oil like almond, coconut, or olive oil at the beginning of your shower. A body cream with glycolic, lactic, or alpha hydroxy acid or even a homemade Greek yogurt treatment sloughs off dead skin cells.

Time Your Shave

After a pre-shower scrub session, take a normal shower or bath to open your pores. Save your shaving for the end so that your skin is ready.

Warm water from the shower softens up your hair and skin. Your razor will glide smoother and your hair will be less resistant.

Use the Right Razors

Men’s and women’s razors aren’t made equally. It has nothing to do with inequality but more to do with the areas being shaved.

Women’s razors are made for shaving legs, pits, and more, while men typically shave their faces. The hair in these areas has different growth patterns and the contours of the body are not the same.

Stick to a razor made for the part of the body you’re shaving. That way you ensure the best, closest shave.

Keep it Sharp

Don’t expect to get great results from some dingy old razor that’s been hanging out in your bathroom for the last two weeks. You need fresh, sharp razors in order to see smooth, baby-soft skin.

The blade should feel like it’s gliding across your skin, not dragging or getting caught on hair. Replace your razor whenever it seems a little dull.

Creams, Gels, and Lotions

You need the right lubricant to help your razor stay fresh and move smoothly across the skin. Soap and body gel won’t cut it.

Stick with a shaving cream or gel or find a razor with built-in hydration. If you’re out, hair conditioner or even baby oil works in a pinch, but using something specifically designed for shaving is best.

Move in the Right Direction

For the smoothest shave, you need to know if you should shave with or against the grain. For example, hair grows downward on your leg but it’s best to shave in upward strokes.

For arm pits, shave in one direction to remove the hair and then reverse direction to get at the root. For faces or pubic areas, shave with hair growth to avoid iritation and ingrown hairs.

Seal the Deal

After shaving in the shower, use cold water the seal the deal. Using cooler water closes off the open hair follicles and helps maintain your smooth skin.

Rinse off any remaining gel or cream with the warm water. Lightly run cooler water over the areas you shaved to close up your pores.

Once you get out of the shower, immediately apply a hydrating lotion or oil. Keep your skin smoother longer by using creams, lotions, or oils right before bed, too.

What About Waxing?

Shaving isn’t the only way to remove your hair, like we said. Many people opt for waxing, either at home or at a salon.

You can still follow a lot of the same rules with waxing as with shaving. For example, you need to exfoliate and keep the area clean in order for the wax to work efficiently.

There’s some other pre-wax things you can do in order to minimize pain and maximize results. On top of exfoliating, moisturize the area you’re going to wax to make the hair easier to pull out.

You can also take an anti-inflammatory in order to keep swelling and pain to a minimum. Some people even advise not to get a wax when you’re on your period since that can make it more painful.

Post-Wax Pampering

Once you’ve waxed, you need to pamper your skin so that it stays smooth. The area might be irritated and red right afterwards, but there are things you can do to reduce the swelling.

Don’t take a hot shower or exfoliate the area right after waxing. Keep the area moisturized and don’t wear tight clothing that rubs on your skin.

You won’t see completely smooth skin immediately but hair will grow in softer over time. Whether you do your eyebrows, a full Brazilian wax, or your back, waxing provides long-lasting results.

How to Care for Ultra Smooth Skin

No matter if you shaved, waxed, epilated, used hair removal cream, or any other way to go hair-free, you need some after care. A little bit of maintenance goes a long way. 

In the days after using your hair removal method of choice, it’s important to gently exfoliate. Use a soft washcloth and warm water to brush your skin as long as there’s no more irritation.

Always keep skin hydrated. A moisture-rich cream is great for dry skin and pure aloe gel is good for sensitive skin prone to bumps and redness.

Now you know the secret to ultra smooth skin! Look through our beauty articles for more great tips and tricks on looking your best.

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