Rabbit Ears Aren’t Dead Yet: What You Need to Know About Antenna TV

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The age-old rabbit ears for over the air TV still exist for those who want free channels! Here’s all you need to know about digital antenna TV!

Netflix users worldwide streamed approximately 100 million hours of content in 2019.

It’s clear that cable television is dying worldwide, especially considering that that’s only one platform of many available. With the streaming revolution growing every day, cable television is on its way out.

If cable is dying, then antenna TV must be totally dead by now, right? Actually, digital antenna television is still accessible. With your own TV antenna, you can access over the air television without paying a single dollar to the cable company.

If this sounds good to you, keep reading. Here’s all you need to know about getting set up with antenna TV in 2020.

There Are More Free Channels Than You Know

Why do you need an antenna when you can get free channels on your Roku? Well, free streaming channels are one thing, but digital television is something else.

A digital TV antenna is an affordable way to access all kinds of local and national television stations. Local news is readily accessible all hours of the day with antenna TV, and you won’t need to go searching online for stories with news channels playing in the background.

You pay one time for an antenna and you’re done with it. You also won’t need to rely on your internet connection for a consistent, crisp picture.

The real question is: Why shouldn’t you buy one? 

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an answer because there’s no question about it. With local TV available for an inexpensive one-time cost, you have no excuse not to buy one.

Now, you might have some doubts. How inexpensive is this investment, anyway?

Hooking one TV up to a digital antenna indoors is ridiculously cheap: You can find antennas for as low as $10, believe it or not.

Outdoor antennas are a little more costly but can provide free digital TV to your entire house. If you’re thinking of getting an outdoor digital TV antenna, it’s a good idea to learn more about installation, first.

There’s No One Look for a Digital Antenna

The classic image of a TV antenna is rabbit ears, or a V-shape coming from the top of the television set. Believe it or not, these are still out there, not just in old-timey cartoons.

If you’re worried about an eyesore, though, you’ll be happy to learn that most digital antennas are much more modern in appearance. Plenty of indoor antennas are sleek plastic boxes, not unlike a drawing tablet. You might even find you want to display your good-looking antenna because it looks that good.

Outdoor digital TV antennas aren’t ugly, either, and will blend right in with the rest of your neighborhood.

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