Say Goodbye To Peeling Skin Forever With These Clever Remedies

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If you have peeling skin on your face or body, you know how annoying it can be. Fortunately, though, there are lots of things that you can do to deal with the problem. Here are some options you might like to try. 

Take Vitamin D Supplements

If you don’t get enough sun in the winter, you sometimes find your skin starts to peel. It’s like reverse sunburn and very annoying, especially when it starts showering down from your face onto your blouse. 

The cause could be a lack of vitamin D. Buy yourself a bottle of vitamin D pills from the pharmacy and take the recommended dose for a month and see if it makes a difference. You’ll often find your skin clears up quickly, and you’re ready to face the world once more. 

Apply Rosehip Oil To Your Face After A Shower

If your face feels tight after a shower, you might have gone a bit too mad with the scrubbing. Not to worry – a few drops of rosehip oil from a pipette will soon sort the problem out. 

Rosehip oil is, essentially, a diluted essential oil. It doesn’t smell of much at all. But many people find it beneficial for the skin. It does the lubricating job of regular sebum and helps to rejuvenate cells at the surface. It’s very affordable and worth a shot. 

Apply Herbal Creams

If you go to, you’ll see many herbal creams that can help moisturize the skin. These products tend to rely more on natural ingredients than their mass-produced commercial counterparts. The herbal formulation immediately gets to work in the skin, helping it repair and making flaking and skin peeling less likely. 

Avoid Putting Alcohol On Your Face

Putting alcohol on your skin is generally a bad idea. Alcohol, peroxides, and astringents in some wipes kill the beneficial bacteria on the surface and remove your natural oils, leaving skin feeling brittle and dry. 

If you’re using retinoids, you might want to back off for a while. Retinols can be useful as a one-off every few months, but you should probably avoid using them every week. You can learn more at

Avoid Using Cleanser

Cleansers are a big problem for your skin. They strip its natural defenses, forcing you to replace them with artificial products. 

Where possible, avoid using antibacterial or fragranced cleaners as these are unnecessary and can damage your skin. Replace them with simple, scent-free products or just plain water. 

Add Biotin-Containing Foods To Your Diet

Biotin is an essential compound in food that may help to reduce skin peeling. You can find it in the highest concentrations in foods like peanuts, almond butter, and flaxseed. 

Dry Your Face Gently

After you dry your face from a hot shower, the skin at the surface is ready to peel off. If you rub your face, you’ll remove more than just the dead top layer, exposing the skin beneath and making you feel sore. Instead, pat your skin dry and then apply oil to the surface to lock in moisture. 

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