Self-Care When You Work From Home

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The COVID-19 crisis has seen many of us swap the daily commute to and from the office to staying and working at home. It is a move that many businesses are considering making permanent. It saves them money in overheads, and research shows that many workers are more productive when working remotely.

However, one of the problems with working from home is that it can, if you allow it to, take over your personal life. The boundaries between work and home become blurred, and before you know it, you are working ridiculously long hours and are not taking care of yourself. That can then defeat the object of working from home to an extent – burnouts are not productive!

Here, we look at some of the ways you can put in place some self-care when working from home, whether it is something you are doing during the Cornonavirus pandemic or in the long-term.

Set up a dedicated work area

One of the best things you can do when working from home is to have a separate area from which to work. If you are only doing it short-term, a corner of your kitchen table or a desk in your bedroom may be adequate. If you are doing it long-term, you may want to consider something a bit more formal, so when your working day is over, you can close the door and walk away from it. If you can, ensure that your workspace has plenty of natural light.

Stock up on healthy snacks

It can be really tempting to survive on coffee and unhealthy snacks such as chips or candy when working from home. They are quick and easy to eat on the go. However, this is likely to leave you feeling sluggish and lethargic. Instead, stock up on a range of healthy snacks or batch make some healthy muffins or flapjacks to eat as you work. Fill up your water bottle and make an effort to finish it. If you need something to give you a bit more of a boost, consider cbg tincture.

Keep in touch with colleagues

Going from a busy workplace to working with just yourself for company is either going to be a blessing or hellish, depending on your personality type. If you enjoy a chat over the coffee machine and need to bounce ideas off colleagues, find a way of keeping in touch. Whether that is a daily Zoom meeting in the morning to touch base and going through the day’s tasks, or meeting up for a socially-distanced coffee or walk in the park once a week, checking in with your colleagues can really help. 

Be honest

While there are plenty of benefits to working from home, some people find it more difficult, and that’s fine, especially if you are having to juggle childcare responsibilities as well. If you are struggling, be honest and talk to your employer to see if there are any other options. 





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