The alternatives to legendary Hermès silk scarves

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If you’ve ever taken interest in silk scarves (and since you are reading this article, I assume you have), you would know that the most popular brand of such scarves is Hermès. Giant luxurious brands like Dolce Gabbana also have silk scarves in their collection but they can’t compete with Hermès. 

Hermès scarves emanate elegance, style and sophistication. Their silk scarves are a dream for every fashionista. With its rich colors and detailed craftsmanship, Hermès silk scarves do and for a long time will remain the best. The cheapest Hermès silk scarf is a nano scarf that is 7.8″ x 7.8″ and costs $100. Their signature silk scarves start at $420. Many are ready to pay for quality, some pay because it is Hermès. 

But let’s face the ugly truth – not everyone, well, arguably, the vast majority simply can’t afford a $420 scarf. Does it mean you have to say goodbye to a nice silk scarf? Absolutely no. There are many alternatives to Hermès silk scarves and I will share some of them with you. So without further ado, let us look into some brands and shops where you can find silk scarves. 


The first brand that I want to introduce to you is called Centinelle. It is a US-based brand founded in 2015 by Cristine Rose-Guizar, who started this business as a hobby. She is a Mexican, so the scarves have Mexican vibes and colors. The inspirations of the designer are her heritage, memory and myths, so the scarves are very bold and elegant at the same time. Centinelle silk scarves come in different sizes. A medium sized silk scarf costs between $45 to $90 and the brand holds sales frequently.   

The company also follows green philosophy meaning their dyes are eco-friendly and biodegradable. So is the packaging – ensuring minimum environmental impact. Another reason for you to support this small business and get your silk scarf from Centinelle. 


Another less known brand that specializes specifically in silk scarves is Artuyt. It’s an Armenian brand which silk scarves are mainly worn by local government officials, celebrities like Kim Kardashian and foreign diplomats. Artuyt is a very unique brand as it depicts artworks of Armenian artists. Whether you know any Armenian artists or not, I recommend you check out their collection because they are absolutely stunning. In addition to art, they also have scarves with cultural elements similar to the Mexican vibe of Centinelle. 

The prices at Artuyt vary from $25 to around $150. They are rather affordable compared to Hermès. Fun fact, Hermès actually released scarves with Armenian letters a couple of years ago. I am sure you’ll find a scarf from their big collection that grabs your attention. They also have a separate page on their website about the artists whose works they’ve used, so you’ll know whose work you’re proudly wearing.


A quick shout out to all “Friends” fans out there 🙂 

This may seem like an obvious option but it’s worth mentioning as not everyone is familiar with Bloomingdale’s. Bloomingdale’s is a US-based luxury department store chain (similar to Macy’s but more upscale). You can find a number of famous brands in Bloomingdale’s like Adidas, Calvin Klein, Lacoste and more. In addition to these known brands, Bloomingdale’s also sells less known and more affordable marks and many of them have silk scarves. You can find silk scarves that range from $44 to more expensive ones like $650. View their silk scarf collection and hopefully you can find something you like and can afford. Bloomingdale’s is also big on sales, so keep an eye out for discounts. 



Besides specialized brands and clothing stores, you should also look into online stores. Etsy is the perfect place to find silk scarves. You can start with a basic search and narrow it down with the filters to find your perfect match. I can also recommend two particular stores on Etsy that have beautiful silk scarves: 


  • IvankaNaydenova


The silk scarves on this shop are actually hand painted, so they are a bit expensive but  gorgeous. There are no two same scarves, the owner Ivanka hand paints all of them. You can also find bamboo scarves and shawls in her store. 


  • FrenchSilkScarf


This shop offers its customers vintage French silk scarves that are cleaned and packaged prior to delivery. FrenchSilkScarf mainly offers scarves from the 1950s and 60s, so if you’re looking for meaning and antiquity then this store is perfect for you. You can purchase a vintage silk scarf for $20 from FrenchSilkScarf. 


To speak about online stores and not mention Amazon would be a sin, so here comes the obvious. If all your searches were in vain and you haven’t found your dream silk scarf then give Amazon a shot. Even though it’s not known for its fashion items, it’s still worth a try. 

If you’re looking to spend $10 or less on a silk scarf then Amazon is your best shot. There is a brand called Corciova that sells scarves and head wraps on Amazon and they have some very beautiful and cheap options, so do check them out. 

Local flea market

My last alternative to Hermès silk scarves is going to the flea market and finding one. This does certainly take more time, effort and energy but trust me, nothing compares to the feeling of finding something really great with a great price at a flea market. It’s the ultimate sense of achievement. I’d love to suggest options of flea markets but I don’t know where you are from but I’ll go out on a limb and say that you know at least one flea market in your city, so go check it out. 

A Hermès silk scarf may be your dream but until you’re saving for it, look for and consider alternatives. Who knows, maybe you don’t like silk scarves after all and your Hermès one will end up either in your wardrobe or in a second hand store. 

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