The Essential Guide To Buying A Used Car

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In these uncertain financial times, it can be a challenge to purchase a new car. Your old banger on the driveway is still in need of being replaced but you don’t want to fork out for a brand new set of wheels from a salubrious dealership. To save the pennies, you need to consider the wonderful world of used cars. Sadly, many second-hand car dealers are ruthless and will sell a car whether it is roadworthy or not. It’s up to you to know what to look for. Even if you don’t know your spark plug from your seat cover, you can be armed with the knowledge to make sure you buy a decent set of wheels when the time comes. 

Car Type

It’s crucial that you buy a car that is fit for purpose. If you are ferrying the kids to swimming lessons on the weekend and to and from school during the week, a two-seater convertible isn’t going to cut it. If you really want to tighten the purse strings, opt for something modest in the short term. A hatchback or saloon is ideal. If you have a larger brood, an SUV may be even better. Try and look for those cars in a lower insurance group and that do over forty miles to the gallon. This way, your car will be economical to run. 

Know The Checks

When you head to a private seller or dealership, know what to look for. Go to the rear of the car and look down the line of the car to the front. Here, you will be able to see any dents, scrapes, or discoloration from a potential respray. If you spot too many drinks, walk away. Ensure that you are presented with all of the paperwork. Any car without a full service history should ring alarm bells as you won’t be sure how often it has been maintained or had its oil changed.

If you are after a better performing car, look for a model that has had its suspension system overhauled. The best coilovers are super-efficient suspension systems that optimize your drive. You could also look for added sports packs, spoilers, or alternative alloys to give you a car with just a touch of uniqueness if this is what you’re after.

Test Drive

Never ever buy a car without driving it first. Any dealer that doesn’t let you drive a car before you buy shouldn’t be worth pursuing. When you do test drive a car, the seller will be in the passenger seat with you. Don’t chat and stay as quiet as possible. You are listening out for any clunky sounds or thudding. Anything unusual that doesn’t sound or feel right should be flagged up to the seller. If you aren’t happy with the explanation, walk away. If the seller is chatty, ask them to be quiet and explain that you are listening to the engine. They should be obliging. 

Negotiate a deal that you are happy with. Even if you can’t get money off the purchase price, a full tank of fuel or free mats can be just the incentive you need to buy.

Buying a car can be challenging especially if you lack automotive knowledge. Follow this guide and you will soon have a new set of wheels on your driveway.


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