The Essential Guide To Tackling Covid-19 Challenges

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The emergence of Covid-19 has not just brought health problems, the threat of hospitals breaching max capacity, and the need for a vaccine. The novel coronavirus has also had a huge impact on the economic climate, the jobs market, and social interaction. Many people across the globe are now worried about their jobs because companies have had to shut down for the past three months. This has affected nearly every industry from tourism to retail and from logistics to real estate. The housing market has stagnated because people cannot view houses safely and people do not want to move. People aren’t eating out at their favorite eateries because they aren’t open and groups of friends cannot catch a movie or venture to one another’s houses.

As well as the uncertain economic climate and worries about global unemployment, society is seemingly shifting. Alongside the emergence of Covid-19, George Floyd was brutally killed by police officers in Minneapolis. This sparked protests and the development of the Black Lives Matter movement into something more mainstream. People began to take more notice of the racist treatment people of color have had to be subjected to across the world and within all aspects of life. Coronavirus and Black Lives Matter have become stalwarts within the psyche of 2020. 

There has been an argument that without the emergence of Covid-19, the Black Lives Matter movement wouldn’t have been so visible. The world was watching as lockdowns ensued and people almost needed something to get fired up about. Hence, the Black Lives Matter protests spread across the globe from Australia to the United Kingdom and from sporting events through to marches in the street. 

2020 is no longer a year full of enthusiasm and optimism. It has become a year that many people long to forget. Just a few short months ago, you were making New Year’s Resolutions and planning your annual summer vacation. Fast forward to today and there are many challenges that Covid-19 has brought along with it which can be difficult to overcome. However, with a positive and solution-minded way of thinking, you can move forward while the world is changing around you.

Mental Health

With lockdowns and self isolation comes a whole host of challenges to our mental health. Those individuals who have been living alone but who are used to seeing friends regularly have had to stay within their four walls. This has meant loneliness and anxiety can be heightened. The shift in our lifestyles was sudden which can make it even more difficult to deal with. Suddenly, we were told to stay indoors, stop seeing our friends, and keep our children at home rather than going to school. You must always try to keep the old adage of ‘this too shall pass’ at the forefront of your mind, because it will.

When we consider the upheavals in modern history and the challenges that many people have faced, our generation has got off lightly. We haven’t had to encounter a world war, the threat of mass violence, air raids, or genocide. We haven’t had to be evacuated into the countryside or had to take shelter because bombs were being dropped on us. Essentially, we have to stay indoors, keep washing our hands and wear a face mask when we do venture out to the shops. 

For many people, this rationality comes easy, but for others, the shift in their way of life can become almost unbearable. People who live alone can suffer the most. While Skype and Zoom allow us to remain social and keep in touch with our nearest and dearest, the lack of physical contact can be difficult to overcome. Just remember that this will not last forever, and social distancing will slowly be eased. The pandemic that has exploded in 2020 is a real threat to our way of life and to society as a whole, so we need to stick to the rules and all do our bit.

There are many uplifting stories of people having socially distant games of bingo in their gardens with neighbors. Other people have had Zoom discos with their pals. And others have chosen to do fundraising events for their local communities in the comfort of their own homes. People have been coming together to support the people that give care and medical attention to those individuals who have suffered with Covid-19.


Many people have said that 2020 has shone a light on the injustices of modern society. People are feeling more free to rant and spout hate. Prejudices have also come to the fore. It’s not always based on race or religion. The past few years have seen many biases play into public life. Only recently, the Carter appellate victory was publicized where a lawyer was sentenced to thirty days in prison for contempt of court. The judge sentencing him did not like him, made no effort to hide the fact she was biased, and showed her prejudice by being at the center of a miscarriage of justice. Thankfully, the appeal to this sentence was won.

People across the globe are starting to veer towards the more extreme political ways of thinking. The extreme right have their feet firmly in the seats of power across the United States, the UK and Brazil. China is becoming more forthright and brazen in its attempts to brainwash the Uighur Muslims of its nation. Many observers are suggesting that this has echoes of the Nazis treatment of Jews during the Second World War.  They are being sent to concentration camps for re-education, but are being used for slave labor. The world is watching and yet doing nothing while these atrocities continue.

The world can seem like a terrifying place at the moment, leading to people becoming more insular and nationalist. The populist leaders are gaining traction by tapping into the fears of communities and making empty promises. Coronavirus has shone a light on this and is showing how these leaders are failing when a matter of global crisis is needing skill and tact to overcome it. The Allies worked together to defeat Nazism in World War II. While the leaders of the globe are using language that addresses the pandemic like an enemy, an opponent and a scourge that needs to be defeated, they aren’t coming together in this aim. Instead, politicians seem to say the right things in an effort to increase their likelihood of re-election.

Many people hark back to the days of the Obama presidency because of the lack of upheaval. But, the truth is Obama was never tested with such a global crisis that needed leadership of another level. When times of division and crisis develop, it’s always easy and comforting to look back through rose-tinted spectacles and imagine what could have been.

Personal Challenges

Countries are tackling the coronavirus crisis in the best way they see fit. What the Covid-19 pandemic has shown is that countries cannot work together like they once did. They have not effectively drawn up any international plan or effort to overcome Covid-19. Nations have gone their separate ways. Russia has been accused of trying to steal vaccine data from the United Kingdom medical researchers and Donald Trump is accused of trying to buy up vaccines before any other nation can get their hands on them. The injustices of the world are for all to see, but for many people, it’s the challenges closer to home that are more difficult to overcome.

People are struggling to sleep, worried about looming unemployment, and are concerned about paying the bills, the rent, and getting enough food to feed their families. Poverty is a real prospect for many which can be a massive life shift from where people were just six short months ago.

The speed at which society has had to morph is unprecedented. This shock to the system has caused insomnia, anxiety and stress. To overcome this, you need to take a step back and consider what is most important to you. While you were once concerned about achieving a promotion, getting a sporty little number on the drive, and staying in five-star hotels, you are now more bothered about spending quality time with those you love, being comfortable, and having any job that will keep a roof over your head. 

People have been spending more time in the great outdoors and have experienced the positive benefits this has for their mental health. People have been growing their own vegetables, coiffing their lawns, eating outside, enjoying barbecues, and soaking up the sun’s rays. This new attachment to nature can really help us overcome the challenges of Covid-19. Becoming fitter, healthier, and more focused on our mental well being will see us better equipped to deal with the challenges of the pandemic. We are still only at the beginning of the pandemic. Knowing there is hardship to come but being in the frame of mind to tackle this head-on will mean that we overcome the challenges that Covid-19 brings with it.



Atlanta Native, Meaghan Carter-Morris, is an aspiring media personality and recent graduate of Valdosta State University. While there, Meaghan spent a vast majority of her time as a DJ for her school’s radio station. Known to her listeners as “Meaghan Monroe,” she found her niche in the field of mass communications and broadcasting. She later went on to merge this passion with her love of journalism and became interested in entertainment blogging. Currently, “Monroe” is enthusiastic about being a creative contributor to Social Lifestyle and looks forward to informing and entertaining readers with the latest in breaking news on their favorite celebrities. Instagram @miss_chattypattyy

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