Top 7 best makeup brands in Singapore

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The Asian market represents excellent opportunities for companies in the cosmetics and perfumery sector. For its part, Singapore is experiencing significant growth within the beauty market, thanks to the good economic situation in this country, which has led to the appearance of many excellent quality beauty brands.

This is quite a milestone as, until recently, the Singapore cosmetic market was dominated by foreign brands. Still, recently national makeup and cosmetic brands have climbed to the top as these products focus on the market’s particular needs in this country.

The most recognized makeup brands in Singapore

There are a large number of makeup brands in Singapore, with a large number of particular characteristics. These brands use the most extensive variety of ingredients in their formulation. And these are some of the most recognized on the island:

INGA by 27A

This makeup brand in Singapore stands out in a particular product line: Matte effect lipstick that lasts in hot, humid weather. There are currently ten different shades to choose from, but they are all designed to be moisturizing, long-lasting, and of course, perfect for blending with Asian skin.

Bobbi Brown

This Singapore brand has also gained a reputation abroad. It’s not for less, as it has the ten most important lipsticks in the country and its Creamy Concealer Kit that is highly resistant to humid climates and is perfect for different skin tones.

Laneige Cosmetics

This company has a presence throughout Singapore and was born in 1994. It is one of the best-selling brands globally, as a product of this company is sold every 11 seconds. One of its most popular products is its Two Tone Lip Bar, which allows users to have beautiful and subtle lips.

Reflections Organics

The makeups produced by this brand are formulated with totally natural ingredients, which means that they can even be eaten without causing harm. Its formulas enhance the beauty of the users and keep their skins protected from the sun’s rays.

Faux Fayc

It offers a wide variety of products, from mascara, blushes, matte liquid lipsticks, and foundations. They have the ideal shades for any skin type and guarantee durability for many hours in Singapore’s typical climate.


This is one of the most varied makeup brands in Singapore, they offer from matte liquid lipsticks to eyeshadow palettes, not forgetting their nail polishes line. The line of nail products is formulated to let the nails breathe without layers of harmful chemicals and toxins since they are free of chemicals such as Formaldehyde and Toluene, among others.


This company does not produce makeup, but the much-needed brushes to apply it. The lines of brushes created by this brand use only sustainable materials in their manufacture. They are synthetic, so they do not hurt animals for their production, without forgetting that they are entirely handmade. These brushes are soft and work very well with any product, from powders to liquids and creams.

Candela Cosmetics

This brand was founded by Erin Jung when she was just 16 years old, and since then, she has gained a solid reputation. The formulations of its products only use derivatives and natural extracts. Their catalog includes everything from brushes to a wide palette of eyeshadows, with many new products being added every new season.


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