Virtual Party Ideas: How to Throw a Successful Online Party

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Are you looking for some awesome virtual party ideas? Get together with some friends from afar and throw a party via video chat, during the pandemic or anytime!

The current health pandemic limited mobility all around the world. The government requires civilians to stay inside their homes. Because of quarantines, people aren’t allowed to have social gatherings.

But there are other ways to get together with your friends. With our technology, it’s easy to schedule meetings and gatherings on online platforms. If the pandemic is making it hard for you to see your friends, consider throwing a virtual party!

In this article, we give you seven virtual party ideas. Read on to discover how to have a virtual party and additional tips for throwing online parties. Contact your friends and schedule a virtual party with these ideas!

How to Host a Virtual Party

Hosting a virtual party requires some planning to be successful. It’s not as simple as video calling randomly and hope it works out. Here are some tips for planning your next virtual party:

Invite Fewer People

To ensure that everyone can participate in the conversation, consider inviting fewer people. This is also the best course of action if it is your first time hosting a virtual party. Inviting fewer people allows everyone the chance to speak up and feel included in a conversation.

Have a Stable WiFi Connection

A shaky WiFi connection can eject you out of a video chat platform. If this often happens to you, sit close to the WiFi router during your virtual party. Consider doing a test run before your party.

Prepare Yourself to Lead the Conversation

For people who aren’t used to virtual gatherings, a virtual party may feel a little awkward. As the host, it’s your responsibility to introduce your guests who don’t know each other. Consider having a list of topics in case the conversation goes dry.

Read below to find some great virtual party ideas. From virtual birthday party ideas to casual parties, you’re sure to find a great party idea.

Cards Against Humanity

If you and your friends enjoy crude humor, Cards Against Humanity is a great party idea. Playing Cards Against Humanity can keep you and your friends entertained for hours. If you’re not familiar with Cards Against Humanity, it’s a card game.

Players must complete fill-in-the-blank statements with the hand given to them. Your goal is to have the best white card. Players collect black cards for points.

You can play Cards Against Humanity online with your friends in This software has an easy to use interface. You can share this link and play with up to only five friends.

Have a Dinner Party

Gather your best friends and schedule a night for a dinner party. You can choose to cook the same recipe, order food online, or have an already readied meal. If you decide to cook the same recipe, you can start your party while you’re all preparing food.

Consider putting some thought into your setting and atmosphere. Make sure to have good lighting so that your guests can see you. You can even set up a backdrop behind you to add to the atmosphere.

Ask your friends if they want to follow a specific theme. Depending on what you agree on, you can have a quiet dinner party or blast some party music.

Have a Virtual Dance Party

Most clubs closed their services due to social distancing regulations. But you and your friends can still have a virtual dance party! Zoom is a great place to host a virtual dance party because it allows you to stream audio from your computer directly.

Even with good speakers, playing audio through your microphone could affect music quality. You can redirect computer audio to Zoom by navigating and clicking Screen Sharing. Select Advanced then select Music or Computer Sound Only.

You can share music from any music streaming app. Compile a playlist with your friends!

Host a Virtual Cocktail Party

Start setting the scene for a virtual cocktail party by setting a dress code. Give yourself and your friends the opportunity to dress up by setting a formal, semi-formal, or cocktail attire theme. If you plan to host your cocktail party during the day, choose a room with the most natural lighting.

For evening cocktail parties, you can light some candles to set the atmosphere. If possible, plan out a drink menu. Remember to accommodate those with a limited alcohol selection at home.

Karaoke Night

YouTube offers a plethora of karaoke videos. If you want to host a karaoke party with your friends, you can find karaoke-style instrumental videos of all your favorite songs on YouTube. Have your karaoke night on Zoom, WhatsApp, or Google Hangouts.

Smule is also a great karaoke app where you can sing with celebrities! To start the night, create a song selection. You can add more songs as the night goes on.

You can make your karaoke night more fun by adding competition. Have your friends rate each other after every song.

Celebrate a Wedding Online

Many couples postponed or canceled their weddings because of the pandemic. But you can push through with yours via video conference. Many companies offer live streams of online ceremonies for friends and families of the newly wedded couple.

Some counties allow weddings as long as they follow the standard health guidelines. Check with your county clerk if you can obtain your marriage license.

Start planning your wedding by deciding on the best platform to use. You can assign roles to your bridesmaids and groomsmen for technical help or troubleshooting.

Check out DashOfPride to get great deals for an LGBT wedding.

Try These Virtual Party Ideas Now

Here were a few of our virtual party ideas. The pandemic may have forced us into our homes. But that doesn’t have to stop you from throwing a great party and hanging out with your friends!

Choose a party theme now and start planning a great night with your best friends.

Thank you for reading our article. If you like this one, consider sharing it with your friends or checking out some of our other blog posts. We have more great content for you to discover and we discuss everything from general tips to guns and adult topics too!

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