4 Top Easy to Use Free Hook-Up Apps

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Chances are if one is dating in 2020, he/she is doing it online. Due to social distancing and COVID-19 measures, local dive bars are no longer your matchmakers, but the internet is. But when it comes to seeking your partner for casual relation dating apps like Bumble and Tinder are what you need. Meanwhile, unverified free hookup apps with names like DTF Matches or Zone can be a scam, so be careful when you are selecting a dating app. 

If you are at the point where you know that you are not ready for a serious relationship, there are several free hookup apps or dating sites that will suit one’s needs. So here is our running list of the best scam-free and trustworthy free hookup apps available in 2020.


CasuaIX itself considered the alternative of Craigslist and Tinder for one-night stands, with the other users looking for swinging, friends with benefits, extramarital affairs and anything else without the emotional attachment. Users of this app can easily get a casual hook-up without any strings attached. CasuaIX is also easy to use, organized, and has plenty of security features. 

Unfortunately, according to a few reviews, this app is a little sketchy mainly because it might match you with users who are far away. But the good thing is this app is free for all Android users and allows them to use its all features. 


Since different countries and states are passing the acceptance rules for gay, bi, and trans people, digital technology also has come forward to provide them with facilities. Grindr shows you people in your surrounding areas that match your provided information and looking for someone on Grindr. One can also customize his/her profile and describe what exactly it is a user looking for to streamline the procedure of finding your casual beau.  One’s profile picture may surprise you, which includes everything except the face. It is all part of the fun. One more thing is the majority of users are not looking for a formal or safe conversation. So it is easier to skip the formalities and move on to topics you find exciting. 


Tinder is another exciting dating app that most people trust to use. This app is considered the most widely and first used hook-up apps on the market. Tinder is quite inflexible about its goal of promoting genuine human connections versus casual relations or one-night stands. But of course, everyone knows Tinder is too casual in its approach to hook-ups. The best thing about Tinder is it gives you a wide range of local options and one can choose anyone from an endless list. 


Tonight’s dating app is on our list because it lets the users find a date at the end of the working day and go out that night. When you are interested in going out on a date the same night simply say, you are in by 7 pm. Tonight does the rest and sends you both your location and match for the date night. This app allows you to find the right fit according to your needs.  Moreover, one can use it free on Android and ios. But unfortunately, this app is unavailable in some states.


Whiplr dating app is specially designed for the kink community. Right from the start, this app started to find out the right match for you. Whiplr matches you up with a variety of choices and fetish communities such as just Objects, Curious, and Behavior. This app will also allow you to delete any message or photo you send others.  

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