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5 Clever House Exterior Design Tips for a Modern Look

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When your house looks good outside, it’s more likely to attract people and make them want to see the inside. Making your property more attractive by upgrading outdoor fixtures, driveways, or walkways can enhance its curb appeal, making it easier for homeowners to sell their homes and increase the property value.

Home exterior design is crucial, whether you own an older home that’s more traditional or a newer home with a more modern style. Homeowners can give their homes a more modern look by following the five house exterior design tips listed below.


Transform your cladding, paint, and other exterior finishes

A mixture of several external materials, damaged bricks, or pebbledash or stone cladding from the 1970s or 1980s can be unsightly. If your home has a mismatched or outdated exterior finish, consider removing it or covering it with a different material to give your property a new look.

A money-saving option is to paint the home exterior a neutral shade like white, to make the different materials used on the property more unified.

Cladding and repainting can give your house a fresh, contemporary appearance. The exterior home finish you choose will be the right one for your home depending on what fits your tastes and if the weight of the render or cladding suits your property.

Replace the Roof

The roof of your house is such a dominant feature that changing its shape or exterior covering can transform your home’s appearance.


When replacing the roof, make appropriate changes. For instance, low-pitched roofs or flat-roof extensions, usually on modern homes, may not match traditional-style homes. An example of an ideal style change is to get a new roof steep enough to make usable space beneath it.

Alter the Windows

Altering the size and shape of your windows can enhance the overall vibe of a property. A smart design trick to give the home a more contemporary feel is to replace your windows with metal-framed windows and doors.

Give Your Doors an Upgrade

Doors should be attractive enough to entice people to want to enter, considering they lead the way inside homes. A new front door can accentuate any fresh paint and cladding and windows you add to your home.

Homeowners can also benefit from fixing their garage doors. Getting new hardware, such as faux handles and hinges, can be a temporary solution, but, ultimately, the best choice for homeowners is to get a brand new garage door.

Leave the garage door installation to professionals you can trust. A team of experts—such as RW Garage Doors—with the expertise necessary for such a task will use the right materials to implement fresh, contemporary design ideas. Technicians at this organization hand-pick and scrutinize every piece of wood used in the installation to ensure the creation of a high-quality, perfect garage door.


Before the building process, the experts at this company let the wood pieces adjust to Northern California’s climate and atmosphere to ensure they won’t bend or crack at crucial joints in modern wood garage doors.

RW Garage Door is high in reliability and care: technicians sand your newly created garage door by hand and tend to the grooves, corners, nooks, and crannies to ensure the product has a premium finish.

Add an Outdoor Swimming Pool

A backyard swimming pool can boost your home’s curb appeal and make it more exciting. Swimming pools can be especially attractive and practical for homeowners living in St Petersburg or Clearwater in Hillsborough County, Florida, or Sarasota and Bradenton in Manatee County, Florida. In Bradenton, homeowners are in the ideal place to take advantage of their state climate and rely on Olympus Pools—the best pool builder Bradenton Fl has to offer. The best pool construction and pool design experts comprise this Bradenton pool company.

Olympus Pools can add spas, waterfalls, and other water features to enhance the pools they create. The high-quality work of this pool contractor speaks for itself, as staying home and enjoying a new pool is ideal for homeowners than going on vacation.

Homeowners following these design tips shouldn’t be afraid to make bold changes that make their home the stand-out, attention-grabbing home of the neighborhood.


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