5 Masturbation Tips for Women

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Women masturbating dates back to the times of Cleopatra where it was rumored, she put bees in a gourd and used it a clitoral stimulator. Thankfully, the skill of masturbating has come a long way since then, and hopefully, you are already familiar with the sensation and pleasure an orgasm can bring to you in the bedroom.

Sex tips do not only exist for sex with a partner since we can always learn a bit more about how to properly please oneself through arousal. Masturbation can be as simple as touching yourself, but it can also mean a whole lot more. If you are looking to mix things up a bit under the covers here are five tips to self-pleasure yourself.


1. Mood Is Everything

Not to sound like a broken record but a lot of women need to be put in the right frame of mind to be able to reach a vaginal orgasm let alone a squirting orgasm. Foreplay is key at the beginning stages. If you happen to have a phone friend that can give you the right stimulation via sexting go for it! Sexy thoughts never hurt anyone trying to start up their engines. Even classic porn videos and porn sites are also a quick trigger to get the blood going. Think of setting the mood like stretching before running, a little warm-up will make the end result so much more enjoyable.

2. Toys Are Not Just For Kids

Just like opening a present on your birthday, Ship Anon can provide you with discreet, high-class delivery service of any sex toy right to your front door all in discreet packaging. Vibrators are a women’s best friend. From bees to a tiny bullet these toys always seem to do the trick. There are all types out there today on the market for clitoral stimulation such as cordless, travel size, or one that suctions onto your clit the choices are endless. If you are feeling daring and would like to try a new sex toy, you could always try an anal toy like a plug or a glass dildo. We recommend trying a glass dildo because you can manipulate the temperature, making it warm or ice cold.


3. Aim High

Again, like exercise the more your practice the better you will become. Try to set a quantifiable goal. For example, if you have been trying to have a female ejaculation such as squirting you can plan masturbation sessions. Trying new ideas will continue to help you improve on your own interpersonal sex life. The art of squirting isn’t all that hard to attain according to Caitlin V Neal who is a sex coach for men and an expert in her field. Making a woman squirt can be as easy as 1,2,3. Just don’t expect it to be exactly like a porn star would do since for some women it can be overwhelming. A percentage of women believe that squirting is a falsehood. Whereas some women are afraid that they might accidentally be peeing on since the liquid comes from the bladder.

4. Switch Positions

A lot of women find comfort in lying on their backs with their legs spread open. It can also be an easier position if you are using your fingers. But masturbating in different positions can bring a whole new option for pleasure. A great position to try is to sit upon your knees with a vibrating toy on your clit. You will have full control of the toy and the amount of pressure you want to use.

5. Be Confident!

The only way to have the best orgasm is to really be in love with yourself. Embrace those curves, grab some lube, and pay some attention to that beautiful clitoris of yours.

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