6 TV Shows with Truly Inspiring Fashion

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We all have our favorite TV shows. But what makes us love them so much? For some, it’s the riveting storytelling. For others, it might be the lovable characters, the humor, or the drama.

All of these elements make for a great show, but the characters’ wardrobes take television to a whole new level. Each character’s personal style allows the audience to feel submerged in their world, and their wardrobe may even influence what you wear.

If you’ve never thought much about the clothes in TV shows, we’ve got you covered! Here are 6 shows with truly inspiring fashion that looks good in real life.

1) Mad Men
We couldn’t exclude Mad Men from this list. Many fans hail this show as having some of the best fashion in TV history.

Mad Men throws it all the way back to the 60s. Fans admire Don Draper’s classy Fedoras and vintage suits. The Mad Men Dresses and skirts are also worth praise; their form- fitting shape, satin collars, and other features make them true period outfits.

2) Saved by the Bell
As one of the most iconic sitcoms of the 90s, Saved by the Bell perfectly captured late 80’s and early 90’s fashion.

Lisa Turtle was one of the most influential characters. As the group’s fashion expert, she was by far the best-dressed character. You can always find her rocking denim dresses, crop tops, or scrunchies. She also wasn’t afraid to take risks (remember her boldly accessorized leopard-print minidress?) Considering how iconic her style is, it’s no wonder she got accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology upon graduation (spoiler alert!).

The other characters also had major style. Slater’s tank tops, Zack’s sweaters, and Jessie’s vests all screamed the 90s. The quirky clothes and fun colors made you wish you attended Bayside High.

3) Stranger Things
Set in the 80s, Netflix’s Stranger Things has single-handedly propelled a retro fashion comeback.

There’s something so cool and nostalgic about the characters’ wardrobe. You’ve got to love Steve’s bomber jackets, Jonathan’s corduroy trousers, and Nancy’s colorful sweaters.

Stranger Things has no shortage of “cool” looks, but it also has shed some light on “geek” style. Fans can’t get enough of Dustin’s whimsical trucker-style caps and retro graphic tees.

4) That 70s Show
The costume designers for That 70s Show couldn’t have conveyed the decade more perfectly. Every outfit was about as groovy as you could get.

Just think of Eric’s straight cut jeans and checked shirts, or Jackie’s scarves and chunky disco wedges. And, don’t forget Donna’s classic high-waisted bell bottom jeans with t-shirts. She effortlessly embraced both the feminine and masculine sides of 70s fashion.

5) Gossip Girl
While it can be hard to relate to wealthy Manhattan teenagers, we live through the lavish looks the Gossip Girl characters offer.

We especially like how each character has their signature pieces. Blair’s headbands, Chuck’s scarves, and Serena’s accentuating tops will make you want to claim your own signature piece.

6) This Is Us
Want a show that features fashion from multiple decades? Check out This Is Us!

The series follows a family across three generations. Viewers are bombarded with flashbacks and jumps to the future, giving you a glimpse of fashion from different eras.  It’s interesting to see how the character’s style evolves (and how some of it remains the same).

These are just a few examples of TV shows with inspiring fashion. Next time you watch your favorite show, be sure to pay attention to what the characters are wearing. It’s bound to make you appreciate the show even more than you already do. Plus, you might even find some elements to incorporate into your everyday looks!

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