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6 Ways to Change Your Marketing Tactics During a Pandemic

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Keeping your business afloat amidst the Corona crisis should be the ultimate goal of all entrepreneurs who are feeling the impact of Covid-19. About 62% of small business owners have reported a significant decrease in their revenue ever since the Coronavirus showed its face to the world. There are two ways to respond to this crisis as a business owner. Firstly, you can maintain your current marketing strategies and hope to see your sales increase post COVID-19. A business owner who is a go-getter can also take responsibility by implementing drastic measures geared towards boosting their marketing strategies.

Here are ways to craft effective marketing strategies and stay afloat during the pandemic.


  • Give Your Customers an Assurance


Your customers should be the number one priority, because without them there is no you. Even though times may be hard at the moment, you need to reassure them of the better days that lie ahead. When it comes to turbulent seasons like these, silence is not the best answer. It may rather create a false impression that your company will not survive the storm. Keep your communication channels open, brief your employees and clients about the matters at hand and how you intend to steer them through the rocky times.

The big question is, how do you keep that bond even stronger? Well, in the digital age, staying in touch with customers is a given. For example, you can create social media posts to let your followers know the state of affairs of the business. Secondly, send them personalized email updates. You can also send them notifications through their user accounts on your business website. Renewing the hopes of your clients during these abnormal times is vitally important. How you treat your customers during the pandemic will determine your long-term relationship with them.


  • Grow Your Online Presence


With many geographical areas still under lock-down, more people are staying at home than before the global health crisis. This can be the best time to grow the online reputation of your business. Smart entrepreneurs are joining the digital marketing bandwagon. Why don’t you also hop in? There’s probably no opportune time to create a solid online business brand than right now. Your online reputation management technique will make you more trustworthy and get you closer to the customers who have been searching for your products through the internet. It will also help to boost your visibility online. Studies have shown that internet traffic has shot up by 50–70% as a result of the pandemic. Leverage this rare opportunity to create a credible business brand that will survive the scourge of future pandemics. Here are some ways to increase your online presence:

  • Design a mobile-friendly website for your company since a huge chunk of web traffic comes from smartphones
  • Create useful content. Clients will not resist anything that adds value to their lives
  • Hire SEO experts to optimize your website and social media handles
  • Participate in online community forum


  • Strategize Your Email Marketing Campaigns


Revise your email marketing strategies to respond to the pressing needs of customers during the pandemic. In a time when many people are grieving in pain as a result of the loss of their loved ones, you don’t want to use your pre-pandemic tone. Change your email language to reflect the affairs of the business scene. The frequency of your email campaigns will also have to be considered as well. Stay on top of your game, but ensure that your emails add value to your target audience.

For instance, if you are a healthcare provider who has closed down as a result of the pandemic, that does not mean parents and their children don’t need your service again. Instead of wasting time to remind them several times about your work schedules, give them tips on how to maintain their health during the lockdown. That way, you are adding value to their lives. They will most likely respect your brand forever.


  • Strategize Your Pricing Model


Price is one factor that determines which company customers should choose to work with during the pandemic. When times are hard, you need to create an agile pricing model. This is one effective technique to stay afloat during the pandemic. Adopt short-term plans to allow your team to gain insights from your customer landscape, and tune your pricing model to fit it accordingly.


  • Review Your Sales Strategies


The Coronavirus pandemic has caused massive disruptions in many business settings. The uncertainties that abide require business owners to revise their sales strategies. Refreshing your customers’ experiences and looking at the sales process is paramount to the future of the company. By reviewing your sales processes, you can discover the pain points to customer satisfaction. Your next plan of action is to then optimize your sales channels and processes to favor growth during the pandemic.


  • Help Your Community


Givers never lack. Now that the Covid-19 is taking a dangerous toll on people’s careers, lifestyles, and economic conditions, you may want to extend a helping hand to your community. For the past years, it’s customers and your business community who contributed to the success of your organization. So, giving back to society, especially in these trying times, is another wise investment in itself. Grateful community members will always remember how you made them feel if you go to their rescue during this global disaster.

It’s up to you to see how best you can help your community during the pandemic. For example, offering donations in cash or in-kind are all ways of showing your heart of gratitude to your loyal customers. You can also help your community by volunteering for projects and sharing your knowledge and experience with budding entrepreneurs. 

The needs of your target market have evolved a lot since the first Coronavirus and quarantine waves struck the world. Therefore, you have to modify your strategies to suit the new world that exists. Be conversant with what’s happening around your business, go online to boost your image, attend to the needs of your society, and most importantly — reassure your customers and keep them up-to-date with your trends.



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