7 Clear Signs You Are in the Right Relationship

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It is sometimes difficult to know for sure if you’re in the right relationship. This guide lists 7 clear signs you are in the right relationship.

Relationships can be full of fun, excitement, and adventure. But they can also bring up questions, concerns, and challenges. 

How do you know if you’re in the right relationship? 

Here are 7 ways to know you’ve found your partner. 

  1. You Feel Comfortable, Safe, and Secure 

At the beginning of any relationship, it’s natural to try to present your best self to your partner. This could mean trying to look your best, talk about light-hearted things, and not embarrass yourself. 

However, when you move past this and feel comfortable being your full authentic self, you’re in a good relationship. This is something that the author Glennon Doyle explores in her writing. 

This also means that you trust your partner. You trust them to accept you as you are, and you trust that they are as committed to the relationship as you are. 

  1. You’re Attracted to Your Partner’s Mind, Body, and Spirit 

You can describe attraction as many things; you might call it chemistry, a spark, or lust. It can feel like you are magnets, and you can’t—or don’t want to—be apart. 

You can be attracted to someone for so many reasons. You want to explore as many aspects of your partner as possible. You want to connect with them and be a part of their life. This is one of the signs of a good relationship. 

  1. You Have Fun Together

If you’re in the right relationship, you should feel joyful and ultimately have fun together. Try to join them in activities that they enjoy, and find happiness in experiencing it with them. 

Also, look for activities that you both enjoy doing. This can be a great way to strengthen your bond together and create positive shared memories. 

A strong relationship also means that you can have fun together in any situation. This might be while you’re doing household chores, stuck in traffic, or doing the grocery shopping.

  1. You Share a Passion for Your Future 

Another sign that you are in the right relationship is that you both have a vision and passion for your future together. There’s part of both of you that wants similar things and wants to do them with each other. 

If you can easily and comfortably talk to each other about your future together, it’s a huge sign that you’re in a long-term relationship.  

  1. Your Friends and Family Like You Together

In most cases, your friends and family only have your best interests at heart. These are the people that know you best and want you to be happy. 

If they like and support your partner, it’s a great sign. You don’t need their permission or validation, but it’s reassuring to know that those closest to you think you’re a great match.  

  1. You Can Disagree Respectfully 

There should always be a strong sense of respect in any relationship. This is especially important when you disagree about things, which will inevitably happen. 

You should both feel able to honestly communicate how you feel and what you want. In healthy relationships, you can listen to each other and work together to overcome challenges. 

  1. You Make a Good Team 

When you’re with the right person, you’re a team together. You support one another, and only want what’s best for each other. 

Do you and your partner complement each other? Do you make each other stronger? This is a good sign that your relationship is the right one.  

Finding the Right Relationship 

You can never be completely certain about what’s going to happen in the future. All you can do is consider how you’re feeling, and ask yourself if you’re in the right relationship for yourself at the moment.

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