7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Jewelry for Fall Outfits

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Fall is almost here and that means it’s time to switch up your wardrobe and your jewelry! Your clothing and jewelry pieces that worked well for the summer might not be the right fit for this fall’s fashion trends. It’s time to put away those sandals and tank tops and put on your boots and scarves!

Pairing your fall outfits with the right jewelry is a must but not always the easiest task. With so many different jewelry pieces to choose from, how will you know which pieces to wear in the fall? Jewelry for fall outfits might be easier to discover than you think. 

In our guide below, we go over a few factors to consider when deciding what jewelry to wear this fall. Continue reading below for everything you need to know! 

  1. Built-In Jewelry

Something you can consider is buying fall clothing pieces that have jewelry built into them. This is a fall trend this year that you won’t want to miss. Different types of chains and metal jewelry are now being stitched into clothing pieces. 

Dresses with chain necklaces built into the neckline, sweaters with chain bracelets built into the wrist cuffs, and metal pieces built into boots are just a few different ways you can wear jewelry in your clothing. Once you find an outfit with built-in jewelry, you can then find extra pieces that match the built-in pieces.

Let the built-in pieces guide you and inspire you when searching for other pieces to go with it. 

  1. Thick, Round Jewelry 

Thick pieces of round jewelry are also in this fall. You should consider wearing a thick rounded choker with any of your fall outfits this season. These chokers don’t need to be tight up against your neck, but you don’t want them to fall too low either. 

There are plenty of different styles of rounded chokers as well. You shouldn’t have any problem finding one that’ll work best with your own personal style. There are solid round chokers that resemble thick bangles but larger.

There are also chokers that open and the end pieces overlap one another. Your options are endless but as long as you stick to the thick and rounded style, you’ll be styling this fall!

  1. Silver Pieces

Silver pieces are something to consider this fall because they’re becoming more popular than ever before. When you’d normally turn to a gold piece, this fall, we want you to turn to silver instead. 

You can fit this trend into the rounded choker trend by purchasing a silver rounded choker. You can also consider heavy silver bangles stacked on top of one another. The same is true for your rings.

Find a few heavy silver rings and stack them on top of one another as well. Even wearing large silver earrings is a must this fall. 

  1. Silver and Gold Jewelry

Although silver pieces are on the rise, you can still mix in some gold accents as well if you desire. Silver and gold mixed jewelry pieces are also trending this fall. Consider this fall trend if you don’t want to choose between the two metals. 

Rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces can all be found with a mix of silver and gold. Keep the other tips listed above in mind when choosing your mixed metal pieces, and you’ll be ready to walk the runway!

  1. Natural Jewelry

Natural jewelry is simple, easy to match with your fall outfits, and gives you plenty of environmentally-friendly vibes. Wood and leather jewelry pieces are something you need to take into consideration this fall. 

These organic jewelry materials can be paired with small gold or silver accents, but the main piece should be made of a natural material. Wood hoop earrings are stylish and can pair well with many of your fall outfit colors.  

Leather that’s wrapped around wood earrings or bracelets is another option you have. Both colors of the dark leather and earthy wood match well with fall. To make your own fall jewelry with various natural materials for different jewelry colors, you can discover a few DIY jewelry tips and create your own pieces!

  1. Large Chains

Another jewelry factor to consider this fall is the rise of large chains. When we say large chains, we don’t mean chain necklaces that’ll reach your waist. The length is not as important as the size of the actual chain links.

Large chain links either in earrings, necklaces, or bracelets are a must-have this fall. The larger the chain link, the better!

  1. Pearl Earrings

Pearls have become a timeless item in the jewelry world. There are several ways to incorporate pearls into your fall outfits. Metal necklaces with pearl accents on them are one option.

You can also go with chandelier chain earrings with pearls at the ends. Pearl drop earrings feature several pearls one on top of the other that hang low to your shoulders. You can even find hoop earrings with a pearl accent at the bottom.

Any way you can incorporate pearls into your fall outfits, you’re winning! 

There’s a Variety of Jewelry for Fall Outfits

Don’t let the change of seasons and fashion stress you out. Take all of these factors into consideration when matching the perfect jewelry pieces with your different fall outfits. There’s jewelry for fall outfits for all styles and preferences! 

Which one of these styles for jewelry will you try first?

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