7 Great Fall Fashion Ideas You’l Love

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As the leaves change colors and the weather gets cooler, autumn brings a season of change— a wardrobe change, that is.

When transitioning from sundresses to sweaters, this time allows for experimentation and fun with clothing. The pumpkin spice, cozy atmosphere, and seasonal fun can inspire many fall fashion ideas. 

Before choosing your looks for this season, keep reading for insight into the best fashion for autumn. 

  1. Wide-Leg Trousers

For a trendy, classy, and chic look, wide-leg trousers are perfect for fall. These pants are warm, comfortable, and look stylish on many occasions.

Whether you’re at the office, on the go, or taking a stroll in the pumpkin patch, a pair of wide-leg trousers can dress up or dress down any look. When shopping for the perfect pair, consider searching for a high-waisted, solid-colored option. This will allow for more matching options and a flattering fit. 

Once you find your perfect wide-leg trouser, we recommend pairing with a tucked-in graphic tee and thick-soled sneaker. This will create the perfect casual look.

For more dressed up looks, we recommend pairing your trousers with a matching blazer, body-con top, and sleek statement shoes. This will create the perfect night-out or workday look.

  1. Unique Accessories

When stepping out this fall season, it’s important to focus on the details. One of the best ways to level up your look is by accessorizing with unique pieces. 

With hats, scarves, handbags, and jewelry, your unique personality can shine through your fall looks. One of the most fun fall fashion ideas is to accessorize with handmade jewelry. The personalized, hand-crafted aesthetic is a perfect addition to your fall looks. 

When having a jeweler customize your accessories, consider choosing fall colors like red, orange, brown, and yellow. These jewelry pieces will match well with your fall clothing items. Above all else, remember that your unique accessories should show off your personality and add to your looks, not overpower them. 

  1. Turtleneck Sweaters

Everyone should have at least one turtleneck sweater in their wardrobe. This fashion staple is versatile, trendy, and perfect for fall. 

When searching for the perfect turtleneck sweater, search for one neutral and one colorful option. With black, creme, or white turtlenecks, they can match with any outfit. With more colorful options like red, yellow, and green, they can act as the focal point of your look. 

We recommend pairing a turtleneck sweater with high-waisted pants, skirts, or leggings. To add to the look, consider draping a scarf around your neck or wearing a beanie. This can keep you warm and looking stylish on those crisp fall days. 

  1. Warm Colors

When shopping for your new fall clothing, you may want to stick to a warm color palette. Some of the trendiest fall colors of 2020 are brick red, almond brown, and forest green.

While these colors offer a universal fall feeling, don’t be afraid to experiment with other colors like bright orange and deep pinks. The brighter your colors, the more of a statement you can make. If wearing a warm pink or deep orange, consider making this the focal point of your outfit. 

One of the top women’s fall fashion ideas is to complement a bright-colored skirt or dress with neutrals. If wearing a loud pattern or color this fall, consider dressing up with neutral stockings, blazers, trench coats, or scarves. This can provide a fall feel while also looking bright. 

  1. Statement Shoes

While we may need to cover up to keep warm, our unique personality and style preferences don’t have to hide. One of the best ways to make a statement this season is with shoes.

Fall provides the perfect time to break out those chunky ankle boots, sneakers, and thigh-highs. While our toes have had ample opportunity to see the sun, now is the perfect time to show off those beautiful shoes. 

For one of the top women’s fall fashion outfit ideas, thigh-high boots make a strong statement without fail. Consider shopping for a unique pattern or material with your thigh-highs. With velvet, leather, or animal-print, your thigh-highs boots will turn heads. 

As one of the best fall fashion ideas for men, consider shopping for an ankle boot. While many men’s boots come in black leather, don’t be afraid to sport for more colorful, unique options this season. 

  1. Matching Sets

There are few better feelings than waking up to a cool, breezy autumn day. On those cozy days, wearing a matching set will keep you comfortable and warm. As an added bonus, they’re easy and quick to style. 

Contrary to popular belief, matching sets of sweatpants and sweaters can also feel classy and dressed up. For example, if wearing a grey, black, or creme matching sweatsuit, consider dressing up with gold or silver jewelry. Throw on a pair of heeled booties and you’ve got a high-fashion, chic look in five minutes.

Another popular matching set option for fall is a blazer and skirt. This option is perfect for workdays or business meetings. Add a pair of stockings and a chic handbag and you’re ready to show off your fall fashion. 

  1. Metallics

Adding to a warm color palette and cozy pieces, metallic materials are a top trend this fall season. While you may feel tempted to stick to leather and wool, consider experimenting with metallic bombers, pants, skirts, and accessories.

When bundling up to keep warm this season, metallics can keep your outfit from looking dull or falling flat. Shimmering details and accents can turn heads and spice up your look. Consider shopping for blazers with metallic trim, pants with a metallic finish, and shoes with metallic hardware. 

This offers a modern, tasteful way to show off a unique fall style. 

Experiment with Fall Fashion Ideas Today

Now that you know the top fall fashion ideas for 2020, you can have fun experimenting with and showing off this season’s hottest styles. While trends come and go, remember that your unique style is forever. When shopping for your fall looks this season, be sure to wear clothes that make you feel confident, comfortable, and like the best version of yourself. 

If you enjoyed learning about fun and cute fashion ideas for fall, leave us a reply down below. For more helpful articles, check out the rest of our blog.

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