A Style Guide on How to Wear Platform Shoes

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Are you trying to figure out how to wear platform shoes? If yes, you should check out our style guide by clicking right here. 

In the US, most women own around 20 pairs of shoes

Have you found an old pair of platform shoes and are wondering how to style them? In this article, we’ll give you a few useful hints and tips. 

No matter whether you have a platform sneaker, heel, or flip-flop, you’ll find a look that will have you feeling fabulous! 

  1. Keep Your Colours Neutral

If you have a typical 70s pair of bright, patterned platform shoes, then why not keep the rest of your look neutral? You’ll attract attention to these impressive shoes and have people asking where you got them from!

Currently, the look of neutral colors paired together is very fashionable. For inspiration, check out celebrity Instagram accounts, such as Kim Kardashian. 

Alternatively, keep your outfit styling as simple and unique as possible. Whatever you were planning on wearing may also work with platform boots. 

Choosing a simple jumper and shorts? Throw on your platform boots too! You’ll instantly upgrade your look.

  1. Style Platform Sneakers With a Skirt and Top

Do you love the grunge look? Then why not pair a leather skirt with a band t-shirt and wear this with your platforms?

Thankfully, the look of skirts, dresses, and sneakers is in! This means you can look super cute while going out for coffee, yet stay comfortable on the walk there. 

Check out the Superga platform if you’re interested in a stylish platform sneaker. 

  1. Jeans and a Cute Top

Why not pair your platforms with a simple outfit and make a statement. You may think that jeans don’t work with your platforms, but if you look at pictures from the 70s, many people wore this look! 

A pair of jeans is a great way to show off your shoe. But, why not also look for a t-shirt or top that works beautifully with your platforms?

Perhaps you can match the color. Then, make sure your eye shadow also matches, even if this means wearing a bright blue color!

  1. Match Leather With Leather

If you own a pair of leather platform boots, then wear these with a pair of black jeans, a white t-shirt, and, most importantly, a leather jacket. 

Consider wearing black lipstick to make this look really rockin’. Alternatively, black nail varnish and a pink lip will also be super stylish. Try piling on the jewelry for this super cool look too. 

  1. Pair a Feminine Look With Combat Boot Platforms

Do you own a pair of “masculine” platforms? Why not pair these shoes with a surprisingly typically “feminine” look?

You can wear a smart skirt, blouse, and an updo with a pair of platforms. This surprising twist will give your outfit an interesting style. 

Make sure you take lots of pics for your Instagram while matching these looks. You may become a fashion icon for the day on your social network! 

  1. All Black is a Luxury Look

If you’re heading to Europe for a trip, then it’s worth packing everything black that you own. You’ll notice that many locals wear black and you should too!

Many find this look boring, but it’s simply a great way to upgrade your style, especially if you’re struggling to find a cute outfit. 

You’ll instantly look like you’re walking to a fashion show as soon as you pair your all-black ensemble with your platform boots. 

Make sure you also add a winged eyeliner, a darker lip color, and perfectly messy hair to complete the French look. 

  1. Draw Attention With a Hat and Platforms

If you are really going all out to impress others with your style, then why not add a hat to your look too?

For some, this may be too over the top. Too much attention will be drawn to you. For others, the looks that you will get will make wearing a hat worth it! 

Consider a large floppy hat or a baker boy hat for a 70s look. Check out Gloria Steinem’s style if you’re struggling to know what to wear… 

  1. Choose a 90s Vibe

Platform shoes have been popular throughout the last 50 years. So, why not also check out how they were worn in the 90s?

A grungy look including a jean jacket and a pair of jeans is the way to go! Your platform boots could complete a grunge look, along with a beanie hat. 

Make sure you choose a dark-colored lipstick and paint your nails to truly bring this look together. 

  1. Why Not Wear a Matching Suit?

If you really want to be out there during your day at work, then pair a suit with a pair of platforms. 

Depending on the vibe of your office, this could become your new favorite outfit for work. Why not also match the color of your bag to your platform boots too?

  1. Platform Sandals Are Great for Summer

As well as platform boots and trainers, platform sandals are also a great choice for upgrading your look. 

While exploring a beach town, platform sandals can look cute and chic! Pair them with a bikini, sarong, shorts, or a t-shirt. 

If you’ve found that your platforms work well throughout autumn and winter, then it makes sense to have a pair for spring and summer too! 

Platform Shoes Are Back in Fashion

Let’s be real, did platform shoes ever really go out of style? Throughout the last few decades, we’ve seen fashionable people wearing fantastic platform shoes. 

Whether you want an office-ready platform shoe for meetings or a sunny platform sandal for the beach, there is a ready-made look for you! Try out a few looks in the mirror and you’re bound to find an outfit that you love. 

Have you found this article helpful? Then, don’t forget to check out the rest of the website for more useful styling tips and tricks. 


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