A Young Person’s Guide To Safer Driving

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Learning to drive and getting your first set of wheels is one of the most life-affirming milestones anyone can achieve. When parents find their offspring taking a set of car keys to venture to a party, an event, or to work, it quickly becomes apparent that their children aren’t so little anymore. While parents welcome their little darlings finding their freedom and experiencing new adventures, they may also become worried about the responsibilities that driving brings and the dangers that being behind a wheel can cause. If you are a parent who has just seen their not so little cherub pass their driving test and buy their first car, read on to discover how you can impart some safer driving skills into your child.

Set An Example

If you taught them how to drive and helped them to get rid of their ‘L’ plates, the chances are that you have been setting a positive example in the driving seat. Make sure that bad habits don’t creep back into your driving to ensure that your child doesn’t begin driving in a less desirable way. Put your seat belt on before you start the engine, continue with your mirror, signal, maneuver routine before turning, and don’t ever allow road rage to seep into your habits. If a driver cuts you up and your offspring is in the passenger seat, don’t start ranting and raving. You run the risk of your son or daughter doing the same, being distracted, and possibly taking their eyes off the road and causing a collision.

Treating Others As Hazards

While you’d like to think that every driver on the road was as safe as your little cherub, you know from experience that some people are complacent and aggressive on the road. This is why your child needs to remain defensive on the road and stay cautious at all times. By treating all road users from car drivers to pedestrians, as hazards, your child’s awareness will be more focused. Sometimes accidents cannot be avoided and are no fault of your child’s. Should your child find themselves in a collision, ensure that they have the number of an auto accident injury lawyer who can guide them through the process of recovery should they need medical bills to be paid. You need to have a professional to help your child feel confident enough to get behind the wheel again.


It’s vital that you give your child the trust they require to help them feel confident when driving on their own. They should be aware of the penalty points for different offenses and they should commit to staying defensive when driving. The millennial’s number one way of communicating, texting, cannot be performed when in control of a vehicle. Doing this is a distraction and result in your little darling missing hazards on the road. Ensure that they refrain from smoking, drinking, and eating at the wheel so that their eyes remain firmly fixed on what is ahead of them. Make it clear that if elements of trust are broken, the keys to the car will have to stay in your hand, removing your child’s newfound freedom.

Follow this guide and your child will be safe on the road and they will adore their newfound freedom.

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