Advantages of Flying in Private

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When you need to take a vacation, attend a business conference, or travel long distances for whatever reasons, air travel is probably the fastest and most convenient means of transportation to consider. However, you have two main options when it comes to air travel. You can either book a plane ticket at your favorite airline or hire a private charter jet. Flying private has lots of advantages over using public planes, some of which include the following.

1. Privacy and Comfort

As you can tell from the name, one of the best things about flying private is privacy, which goes hand-in-hand with comfort. These are the main reasons you’ll see celebrities, business executives, politicians, and VIP leisure travelers prefer hiring private jets for vacations and business travel. As the folks from Jettly’s Jet Charters point out, you don’t have to buy or own a private jet these days to enjoy privacy during your flights. Whether you need a helicopter, a light jet, a cargo jet, or a long-range airplane, there is something for everyone in the world of private jet charter. Talk about posh interiors, enclosed lavatories, and an array of entertainment options to pick from; you can enjoy your trip with some hype. What’s more, you’re at liberty to smoke a cigar, enjoy your favorite wine, dance, and even get wild. You can also have your sensitive conversations without the risk of your privacy being compromised.

2. Hassle-Free Travel and Security

If you are a regular flyer, you understand the frustrations that come with the long queues, security screening, and missing flights. Sometimes you go to the extent of losing your luggage, sob. When flying private, forget about the queues, screening, and lateness panic attacks. Here, everything is at your own pace. To crown it all, you have the prerogative to pick your pilot of choice. You do not have to keep worrying about losing your stuff. Both on departure and arrival, your luggage is taken care of by the cabin crew.

3. Faster Trip and Systematic Landing

When on a luxurious plane, you have access to more than 10,000 airports worldwide. This makes it easier for you to land in the airport or airstrip nearest to your destination. When on the commercial flights, you land on the designated destination, which may be far from where you want to go. That will force you to travel by bus, train, or taxi to your destination. On the same note, private jets tend to fly higher than commercial planes, which only cruise 35,000 feet or so high. Upon arrival when on a private jet, you can have a cab organized ready waiting for you to start your business as soon as you arrive..

4. You Control Your Flight Schedule

Commercial planes can be stressful, especially if something just comes up when you are about to travel. You are only left with two choices: catch or miss the flight. When flying private, you dictate when the flight takes off. You also have the privilege of changing your landing destination while still in the air.

Last but not least, very little time is wasted when flying private compared to commercial flights. With a private jet, the average waiting time is less than 10 minutes. Additionally, all your travel details and documentation are handled in advance, so all you have to do is show your passport and you’ll be welcomed on board. It is more comfortable, safer, time-saving, and more than convenient.


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