Are Your Teeth as Healthy as You Think They Are?

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Our mouth carries many different responsibilities, but we also treat it fairly poorly compared to the rest of our body. Our mouth can have up to 20 billion microbes at any given time. The amount of bacteria in our mouth is staggering and it’s important to keep our teeth and gums clean in order to prevent that bacteria from turning into something nasty.

But even if you brush and floss every day, does that mean that you’re free from decay and bad breath? Absolutely not! It’s vital that you get checked up every couple of months by your dentist, but what if you want to do a quick examination at home? While you probably don’t have the tools to examine your own mouth, we do have a few suggestions on how you can check if your teeth are really as healthy as you think they are.

White tongue

A white tongue typically means that a lot of bacteria has developed on your tongue. If all of that bacteria is on your tongue then you can bet it’s all over your mouth as well! This is why some floss picks and toothbrushes come with scrapers to get the bacteria off your tongue.

Alignment Issues

Alignment problems with your teeth can cause a number of issues. Severely misaligned teeth can cause growth and pain issues later on in life, but there’s also the aesthetic side of things to think about. Insecurities over the appearance of their teeth is one reason why many men and women lack confidence. And that’s why many choose to turn to a cosmetic dentist for help with these kinds of issues.

Tooth sensitivity

If you feel tooth pain or soreness when drinking hot or cold drinks then you may have a tooth sensitivity issue. Sensitive teeth are usually a sign that your teeth are wearing out. It could be due to your tooth being exposed to cold and hot drinks, or it could be caused by a cavity.

Bad breath

Bad breath (also known as halitosis) can be a warning sign of gum disease. Make sure you brush properly and floss to get rid of food between teeth while also cleaning them. Bad breath can also happen due to stomach problems, so make sure you check up with a dentist first.

Recently lost a tooth

If you’ve recently lost a tooth then it’s important to understand the implications. For starters, more of your gum is exposed which means a higher likelihood of bacteria spreading around. It could also change the shape of your face and your bite might change due to the missing tooth. Getting a dental implant is one of the fastest ways to remedy this, so you should always leave it open as an option in the future.

Food getting stuck

If you find yourself constantly picking at your teeth to get rid of food then there may be a hidden cavity in your teeth. Make sure you mention this to your dentist and let them know where it is so they can have a proper examination. Make sure you floss regularly to prevent it from getting worse.

People can get incredibly sensitive about their teeth. Some people are afraid to smile, others are very self-conscious about the smell of their breath and others might be concerned about missing teeth. Whatever the case is, we highly suggest that you visit a dentist to get a proper checkup. However, you can also follow this article to do some basic checks on the health of your teeth.

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