Blowing Clouds: 5 Easy Vape Tricks for Beginners

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Vaping is continuing to gain popularity in the United States and other parts of the world. The global vape market, which was valued at $12.41 billion in 2019, is expected to expand by 23.8% from 2020 to 2027 due to the rising demand for vape mods and e-cigarettes.

Many people enjoy vaping not only because vape modes are less harmful than smoking marijuana or traditional cigarettes but also because of the cool tricks you can perform with them.

Expert vapers invent new vape tricks every other time. The best thing is that everyone who loves vaping can learn these tricks and add some fun and magic to their vaping styles.

Let us take a look at some cool and entertaining tricks that you will definitely want to try out.

  1. The Ghost Inhale

This trick is also known as the Mushroom Cloud or you can also call it the Snap Inhale. It is very beginner-friendly. You can get it right, even on your first try.

The trick involves puffing out vapor and then pulling it back in quickly. It is a cool trick that looks like you have released a version of Casper, the friendly ghost in the form of a vapor ball.

This is a very natural trick, and to do it, you should begin by taking a deep smoke and allow it to delay in your mouth for a few seconds so that it can cool. From there, push the vapor that has formed in your mouth slowly so that it can come out in a ball shape.

To get this right, simply open your mouth and stick it out in an o-shape and then close your mouth right away. Try not to push or force the vapor out. Hold your breath for a second as the vapor comes out of your mouth.

Ensure that the ball of vapor comes out in a round bust then breathe back the vapor quickly, and you will see the Casper effect as you do this. Remember, to enjoy your tricks more, only use the best CBD vapes.

  1. The Dragon

As the name suggests, this trick will make you look like a dragon breathing out smoke instead of fire. With this trick, you will impress your peer and have some fun while doing it. The vapor will come out the corners of your mouth and nose at the same time for that perfect dragon look.

To do this trick, take a good puff from your vaporizer, and then forcefully exhale it out through your nose. To ensure that the vapor also comes out through the corners of your mouth, try to close your lips tightly in the middle.

If you are recording it, add some color effects and slow-motion to the video clip for a captivating dramatic and cinematic vibe. This trick takes some bit of coordination.

  1. Vapor Bubble

This trick will allow you to make huge bubbles that will also trap the vapor inside for the magical effect. The trick is very impressive and super easy to do. To get it done, take a plastic bottle and cut the bottom. You can also get a tube-like empty toilet paper roll and use it.

Mix some of your hand soap with water or use liquid soap and carefully put some of it on one end of the toilet paper roll bottle. If you are using a plastic bottle, ensure that it is relatively small. After that, take a deep puff, place your lips on the dry end of your bottle, or roll and exhale slowly.

The soap bubble will quickly fill with smoke, and you and your friends can enjoy watching the smoke-filled bubble float away.

  1. The Tornado

This is one of the most popular and impressive vaping tricks that you will come across. It involves creating a pool of vapor on a flat surface such that it is able to spin and form a tornado shape. Though it might sound complicated, this trick is relatively easy to master.

To start, identify an evenly flat and thick surface. Once you have your surface ready, inhale as much vapor as you can. The more you inhale, the better the chances of getting the trick done right.

Carefully and slowly exhale the vapor and make sure that your fingers are put together when you insert your hand in the smoke. Use your hand to chop at the surface, then flick your wrist up and drive up your arm rapidly to create the effect. Try to do all this at once

For beginners, you can use an empty paper towel roll to blow out the smoke. The roll will help you breathe in a compact and effective way. This trick is best done with a mod or pen that gives off thick and still vapor. You should also ensure that you do it in a room that has no wind interference.

  1. The Waterfall

The waterfall is a fantastic trick that will turn vape into a heavy water-like substance that flows down from a bottle. This trick is not hard to master, and this means that it is beginner-friendly. To get it done, you will need an empty water bottle or soda bottle.

Once you have your bottle, take a deep puff from your vaporizer, bring the bottle to your lips, and exhale carefully. Try to ensure that the smoke gets into the bottle. Turn the smoke-filled bottle upside down on a very smooth surface and ensure that the smoke accumulates on the surface.

As the smoke slowly pours out, you will see the waterfall effect. You can also achieve this trick by using a bottle that has frozen water on the bottom.

Though the latest news on vaping is affecting the lives of vaping influencers, these tricks and more can help you join millions of other vapers around the world and maybe even come up with a new trick.

Try Out These Cool and Easy Vape Tricks 

Several other vape tricks are waiting for you to master. Once you can do these beginner tricks perfectly, you will be on your way to the immediate and expert levels. This way, you will learn more tricks that will help you pass time enjoy vaping like a pro.

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