Breaking the Jinx of Male Pattern Baldness: Here’s What You Can Do

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The human hair is intended for protection, to assist with perspiration, evaporation, regulate body temperature, and more. However, society’s obsession with hair is mostly connected to aesthetic, youth, and emotional wellbeing. 

In this scenario, male pattern baldness is something that is not seen kindly and may affect your everyday living. Fortunately, several ways are now available to address this issue, and a hair growth cap stands as a leading choice for men across the country.

Male Pattern Baldness: How Is It Caused?

Genetics or family history of hair loss is always the prime suspect for male pattern baldness. Researches link this condition to the male sex hormone, androgens, that perform a variety of functions, including hair growth. Each hair on your head undergoes a growth cycle for healthy growth. 

However, male pattern baldness causes the cycle to weaken, shrink the hair follicle, and produce finer and shorter strands of hair. Eventually, the growth cycle comes to a halt with no new hair to replace the fallen ones. 

Other health conditions may also cause rashes, pain, redness, peeling of the scalp, patchy hair loss, hair breakage, and unusual patterns accompanying hair loss. 

Common Signs That You May Be Balding

Preserving your hair starts with problem identification and taking action. Sooner you spot the issue; quicker will be your healing time and better the chances of hair recovery. Here are some pointers for spotting the baldness and avoiding embarrassing hair loss:

  • Unexpected hair reactions when you either style it or brush
  • Slower hair growth leading to the appearance of thinner strands
  • Receding hairline, particularly around the temples
  • More than a fair share of hair in the shower, sink, hairbrush or pillow
  • The presence of bald spots

Addressing Male Pattern Baldness

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

LLLT is the most effective form of treatment that stimulates hair follicles from the cellular level. A hair growth cap has grown to become a convenient solution that embraces this technique. These caps have proven results for showing no side effects, thanks to decades of clinical trial and studies. You can utilize it as a standalone solution or combine it with other holistic methods for hair regrowth. LLLT caps can be used anywhere, anytime, and can take multiple treatments to see the results. 

Holistic Hair Regrowth

Hair restoration must begin with your body being in top-shape and has optimized conditions to facilitate hair growth. As such, proper nutrition and lifestyle form the cornerstone of hair growth that make other treatment techniques successful. Focus on a balanced diet rich in healthy fats, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants necessary for strong and healthy hair. 

Food laden with sugar, that is overly processed, or containing artificial additives can be detrimental to your hair growth. Life factors like sleep and stressors also play a crucial role in good hair health. A healthy combination of these factors with the LLLT hair growth cap makes prominent growth catalysts in your hair growth routine. 

Relax More

You may not realize it, but stress has a significant influence on your overall health and not just hair growth. It affects your physical wellbeing, zaps your energy, and causes hair follicles to fall out. Include stress buster strategies like regular exercise, yoga, meditation, and music to help you beat hair loss. 

Male pattern baldness is understandably frustrating and stressful. However, advances in treatment procedures have given options to make the healing process seamless. It indeed makes a world of difference when you take advantage of these science-backed products to curb hair loss. 


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