Growing Indoors: A Guide Cultivating Your To Medical Cannabis

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Cannabis laws in the US are complicated. On the federal level, growing marijuana is illegal. Yet around 17 states still went ahead and passed laws okaying cannabis cultivation.

To further complicate matters, in 2018 hemp—marijuana’s cousin—became legal in the US. Hemp doesn’t contain THC, cannabis’ party compound. Instead, the main cannabinoid in hemp is non-psychoactive CBD.

The FDA approved a CBD-based drug to treat certain forms of epilepsy. This milestone highlights the importance of access to medical cannabis.

How do you guarantee you have access to medical cannabis? Grow it yourself!

Grab a notebook, it’s time to learn the ins and outs of growing indoors.

Picking an Indoor Grow Kit

Most states’ cannabis growing laws do not allow you to plant it outside. Self-contained indoor grow tents are a great way to replicate outdoor conditions. 

New cannabis growers want to look for a complete indoor grow kit. The kits come with vent fans, indoor grow lights, and everything else you’ll need.

There are 4 methods for growing cannabis indoors. Before buying a kit, you need to decide how you want to grow your cannabis. 

The easiest methods for newcomers are:

  • Growing in coco fiber – Coco fiber mixed with perlite gives the plant’s roots room to breathe and grow. For healthy plants, use a specialized fertilizer.
  • Hydroponic system – Plant the cannabis in gravel and set the pot in a water trough. Water several times a day with fertilizer.

Whatever method you choose, make sure you buy everything you need before planting. 

How to Grow Medical Cannabis From Seeds

Cannabis seeds come in 4 varieties. New growers should consider using feminized or auto-flower seeds. 

Feminized seeds guarantee that your cannabis plants produce cannabinoids. Retailers like Sovereign Fields specialize in feminized, CBD-rich hemp seeds. 

Auto-flower seeds take the lighting guesswork out of growing indoors. Plants from these seeds automatically flower when they hit a certain age. Normal cannabis plants don’t flower until fall when the sun shines 12 hours per day.

The 6 steps to starting your seeds:

  • Put damp paper towels on a plate
  • Spread out the seeds at least an inch apart
  • Cover the seeds with more damp paper towels
  • Place a second plate over the first 
  • Wait until the seed splits and the taproot appears
  • Transfer the sprouted seed to the growing medium

Keep the sprouting area clean to avoid mold killing the sprout. Put the plate somewhere in the house that stays around 80* F.

Tip: When moving the sprout, use tweezers.

Harvesting Your Medical Cannabis

Hanging cannabis to dry is the easiest method for newcomers. Start by cutting the plant into 2-foot sections. Wrap a wire around the base and hang them from the drying line.

Your grow tent should be 70* F inside with 50% humidity. Keep the fan on for air circulation.

Drying is finished when the stems snap easily. Cure the buds in a mason jar for a month before enjoying your efforts.

Growing Indoors Provides Easier Access to Medical Marijuana

Stressing out about access to cannabis will make your medical conditions worse. Cut the unnecessary worry from your life by growing indoors. 

Growing cannabis indoors ensures you know there’s no harmful pesticides. These methods also encourage the plant to produce more flowers. 

Before growing medical cannabis, check your local laws.

Check out our Mind & Body section for more cannabis information. 


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