Host A Classy Party: 14 Dead Simple Ways To Up Your Game

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Did you know that one study found that throwing a party is more stressful than going to work?

If you want to organize a classy party that the Great Gatsby would be proud of, then you need to follow our tips.

It’s not simple to amaze your guests with a sophisticated and fun social gathering. You need to make sure you learn from the mistakes of others.

Check out the below blog post to discover how to take your party to the next level. Let’s get started!

Keep Within Your Budget 

The average American party host spends around $1,500 a year on the party planning. That’s before you get to the little extras on the day.

Just as with anything else, you get what you pay for. Nevertheless, you need to keep within your budget.

Determine how much you’ve got to spend on your gathering before you do anything else. This way you won’t break the bank to throw a party.

Always Mix Up the Social Scene

Don’t just invite the same people every time. You need to mix it up and invite a variety of people in your life. 

This includes everyone from your Great Aunt Sue and your best friend to your new neighbors and Geoff from work. 

The best guest lists include people who don’t know each other. This allows you to create a real buzz where people make new connections. 

Add a Little Bit of Crazy 

Everyone has been to a party where nothing happens. Give people a conversation starter and a reason to chat about your party for weeks on end.

This could be eye-catching food that is consistent with your theme. Or, maybe you plan a game that gets everyone laughing uncontrollably. 

Ask Close Friends to Help

You won’t be able to organize everything yourself. Make sure you ask others to give you a helping hand.

This can range from socializing buddies to ensure everyone settles in well to people to hand out canapes to your guests.

Judge the Music Right 

Music sets the tone for the party. If you get the music wrong then everything else could be ruined for the whole night.

Just plugging your phone into the speakers isn’t enough either. Get a DJ or a house band to really rock the place.

Hold an Open Bar 

Alcohol is an important part of any party. People will usually bring their own alcohol to your party.

That doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Putting on an open bar can be expensive. But, it’s the only way to ensure everyone has a good time.

Don’t Neglect the Lighting

If you have bright lighting in your party, don’t expect anyone to dance. You need to make sure the mood is relaxing and romantic. 

Dim lighting which makes everyone feel comfortable is essential. If you stretch the party outdoors, make sure everything is light up well to extend the party into the early hours.

Give Up Control of Everything

Your party won’t go exactly to plan. When you bring together dozens or hundreds of people, you can’t predict what happens next.

It’s much better to give up control of events when the party kicks off. You’ve done everything you can, let your guests enjoy themselves.

Inject a Theme Into the Party

People love a theme. 

Why don’t you run an underwater-themed party that has your guests in swimming costumes and fish served on platters?

Have you considered 1920s theme in true Gatsby style with jazz music on the speakers and guests in top hats?

Whatever you decide, it’s about the details. Everything from the decorations on the walls to the custom bottle opener needs to be considered.

Organize Your Party Early 

You don’t to be sending out invitations a day or two before the party takes place. The more you organize early, the less stressful it will be for you.

Giving people plenty of notice and arranging the catering in advance is the best way to ensure your party is classier than any other.

Send Reminders and Tasters 

People forget dates all the time. You can’t depend on people to show up to your party without a reminder. 

Send them an email with a taster of what you have in store for the gathering. This could be a video of your decor or letter that breaks down the menu.

Remove Anything Fragile

People are going to get drunk. Even if you aim for a classy affair, people are always going to cause trouble.

You should remove anything fragile or expensive that you can’t afford to get damaged. This is the only way to protect your valuables.

Hire the Clean Up Team

You won’t be able to enjoy yourself if you’re constantly thinking about the clean up the next day. 

That’s why it’s essential that you hire a cleaning crew to do the nasty bit for you. This will allow you to forget about your chores for the evening.

Know When to Call it a Night 

Eventually, the party will die down. But, the stragglers will be determined to keep the party going on and on into the night.

You need to be strong enough to tell the people left at the end of the night to go home. This isn’t a hotel after all!

How to Throw a Classy Party?

If you want to throw a classy party that has everyone talking, you need to learn from the best. Here are our tips that will really raise your party planning game.

Do you want to discover more amazing advice for putting on a party that will be memorable? Check out our blog!

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