How Fortnite Became a Success

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Let’s take you through an imaginative ride! What do you think happens when you add a splash
of Minecraft into the game Call of Duty and put in amusing elements here and there from
PUBG – what’s the result? That’s exactly how Fortnite came into existence three years ago back
in 2017 and has been taking the world by storm ever since. Fortnite has earned more than
$1.2bn within less than a year. What an amazing achievement, game developers praise,
particularly for a free downloadable game. Fortnite has set a world record in the gaming
kingdom and it certainly deserves its crown!

Thanks to our awesome technology of this new generation – more kids have mobiles, Ipads and
PlayStations today to enjoy their leisure time with the help of online and offline games. These
electronic devices ensured our children don’t die out of boredom while keeping them engaged
and socially active through one of the greatest means – Fortnite! Thanks to this game
developer’s broad service of accessibility, kids and teens can play the game on their everyday
devices and can easily download it without the need of fulfilling expensive requirements!
Fortnite’s fandom is both immense and extremely diverse, with far more than 200 million players
worldwide. So what’s all the buzz about this online game? How does Fortnite look like to be
played in your everyday smartphones?

Obviously, the game is not just fun to play- it's fun to watch as well. The high dose of youtube
celebrities combined with competitive gaming leads into the current Fortnite obsession amongst
youths. Fortnite has sparked even the Battle Royale theme. Epic Games hasn’t only produced
the world’s most enjoyable video game in the course of history, it has also set in a new age of
innovative philosophy. Seems like Fortnite didn’t become a success overnight! All its wonderful
gaming modes, adventures, aesthetic graphics and realistic sound beats are all worth the fame!
No wonder why Fortnite parties in real life are trending all over the world as the best theme to
consider on birthday celebrations!

The latest version of the game features 100 players airlifted to a deserted island where they
struggle to live. The players construct forts and gather resources and gears and equipment to
improve their standard of living. Fortnite kept the regular $40 starting price when it was first
launched in July 2017. Initially sale rates were steady and profits had been going smooth. Little
did the world know (probably even the game developer himself didn’t expect) that Fortnite
would, within a couple of months, become a global sensation!

Fortnite releases a new update each week. One good reason behind the massive success is
that Fortnite has a realistic connection to our modern world, frequently referring to youth culture
as a way to interact with its large gamer population. Perhaps the primary reason for mass
acceptance of the game is its apparent lack of barrier of entry. While other video games these
days require an exclusive-time purchase, Fortnite prefers a monetization style to the
smartphone app by making the game totally free to play, deciding rather to make a profit only
through card payments.

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