How to Hire an Architect: A Simple Guide

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 Did you know that there are over 100,000 architects in the United States? With so many architects to choose from you might be a bit overwhelmed picking the best one for your needs. We have put together this simple guide on how to hire an architect to hopefully make the process a bit easier.

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of choosing the perfect architect.

How to Hire an Architect

Choosing the right architect for the job is a very important decision and you want to make sure that you take the time to interview at least a few different architects before choosing the one for your project. When you find a reliable architect such as Peaslee Architect, P.C., you want to ask the right questions before moving forward.

Some of these questions include:

Simple tips for starting

Get an understanding of the Architect’s previous work done and see if it fits with your dream development. The initial meeting will establish if you and the Architect are compatible, as you will spend a lot of time together creating your dream home. Before you start your new project Check out this comprehensive guide as it will establish a realistic approach. Choose an Architect that is capable of following through with council drawings as approved building plans are required to make your dream home a reality.

How Does Your Design Process Work?

It is important to know how the architect you are interviewing works through the design process. Usually, the process is split into four different phases. The phases are normally the pre-design phase of programming, the schematic design, the design development, and the construction drawings. 

Since every architect has their own way of working and managing the design process, it is important to understand how they work.

What Is the Estimated Timeline?

You want to have a realistic timeframe of when your project will be done. If it sounds like it is way too fast then it probably is and they are underestimating the time it will take to complete. Don’t be afraid to ask if they are available to start when you need them to start.

Do You Have Experience Working in My Area?

Another important question is whether or not they have experience working in your county. Every city, state, and county has different zoning and permit regulations. You want someone that has experience with taking out the permits that are needed. 

It will be very helpful to choose an architect that already knows all about working in your area. 

What Are Your Fees?

The budget is a very important part of most projects and you want to be very clear on what they charge. Architects will normally calculate their fees based on how many hours they will spend on the project, the percentage of the work being done along with the total square footage. 

Ask your potential architect what is and is not included in the contract. For example, do they include full service and design or not?

Ready to Hire an Architect?

Now that we went over how to hire an architect you can get to work and find the perfect one for you. Do not rush into picking the first architect you find, take the time to ask the right questions to make sure that they are the best ones for the job. 

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