How To Take Glam Shots For Your Social Media Pages

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Nowadays, making a first impression doesn’t only happen in person. With the rise of social media, first impressions are made digitally, whether you’re a person or a store. The days of brick-and-mortar are slowly becoming outdated, and so is meeting people without first checking their social media pages. More often than not, people turn their attention to the photos uploaded on social media platforms and from there decide whether they want to interact with an individual or visit a particular store. Aside from giving off a good first impression, good photos like glam shots can work wonders for your social media presence, especially if you want to become an influencer or improve your own branding. 

Here are just some of the tips and ways on how to take glam shots for your social media pages:

  1. Use A Good Camera

When it comes to photography, it goes without saying that one of the basic things you need to have is a good camera. Even if you have the best hashtags in 2020, you won’t be getting more followers and likes if you don’t have good photos. Fortunately, there are tons of cameras that you can choose from.  

Some smartphone cameras are advanced enough to take good shots. Examples of these phone cameras include the new iPhones and latest Samsung phones. Other affordable choices for a good quality camera that are also very easy to use are DSLR or mirrorless cameras as they can also work well for beginners. These cameras already capture a lot of details that will bring life to your photos. Here are just some of the features that you can look out for in a good camera:

  • Megapixel count: 16 megapixels
  • Zoom Lens: 10x
  • ISO: > 10,000 ISO
  • Built-in Flash
  • Live view
  • Wi-fi enabled
  1. Ensure You Have Good Lighting

The quality of your photos also depends very much on the lighting as this is one of the key ingredients of a good photo composition. Lighting is crucial when taking photos because the wrong lighting can leave your photos overexposed or too dark. To take good photos, you may need to invest in some lights and reflectors in order to get the perfect lighting, enhancing the quality of your photos on your social media pages.  

If you don’t have any lighting equipment, you can also use the best source of light, which is natural light. With natural light, you just have to make sure that the light is softer. Don’t use direct and very strong sunlight to avoid overexposure. Natural light will make your photos look warmer and more realistic compared to using artificial light.  

In addition, another tip is to refrain from taking photos against the light. This means that the subject of your photo must not be positioned in front of the light source. Rather, it must be positioned behind the light source. When you take photos with the subject of your photo in front of the light source, the subject of your photo will appear dark because light is cast from the back.

  1. Be Creative By Adding Props

 As they say, the devil is in the details. Put more effort in snapping a photo by being creative and adding some props to spice up your photos. Add items that will blend well with your theme or color scheme. For instance, if you’re shooting a picture of yourself sporting loungewear, then you can add some pillows on the side and sit on your sofa with a blanket. The pillow and blanket will serve as your props. You can even make the composition of your photo lean on the more comedic side by using an app to make it look like one of the popular or trendy memes

  1. Prep A Few Key Poses

 When shooting for photos, you need to prepare a few poses in mind. You can search for key poses on Pinterest and influencers from Instagram. You need to be able to pose properly and mix in a tinge of glamour. Make the necessary preparations for this by searching for key poses online and practicing them in front of a mirror. You can also try these poses out with a friend while taking practice shots so that you can see how it turns out on the camera. It’s not enough to imagine these poses in your head. You need to try them out in person to know if they work.


Armed with these techniques, you will be able to take good photos with glam shots. You just need a good camera, get the right lighting, be creative with your props, and be keen about the details when you take glam shots. With a bit of practice and perseverance, you can be an expert in glamming up your photos in no time. 





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