Moving to Chicago? Everything You Need to Know Beforehand

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Chicago, the great Winy City, is a wonderful place to call your own and to move to. It may be cold, but all cities in the northern hemisphere are. What you get in return is a bustling city with a lot to do and seasonal delights to enjoy all around the year. If you have a new job in the city, or just love Chicago and want to make it your home, use this guide to get you started:

Chicago Neighborhoods

Chicago has over 77 unique neighborhoods that make up its composition, but to keep things simple, they are divided into the North Side, West Side, Downtown, and South Side.
-North Side is full of things to do and is a downtown of its own. You can expect a lot of restaurants, boutiques, and local gigs.
-South and West Side is where to go for a multi-cultural experience, with many authentic restaurants to gloat about and a wide, diverse culture to enjoy.
-Downtown is certainly where it all happens. It is where the bulk of office buildings are, as well as all the downtown action you would expect from the heart of a city. Bars, galleries, shopping, Millennium Park; if you can afford the price tag of living here, the convenience and things to do cannot be beaten.

Finding the Perfect Place
Real estate prices can be astronomical, so if you are just moving to the city, you are going to rent – at least for the first few years. This way, you can really get a feel for the city and figure out where you want to move to permanently.

How to Make the Moving Process Easier
Moving is incredibly stressful, especially if it’s to a new city that you haven’t lived in before.  You don’t know anyone, and then there is the stress that accompanies every move that you will need to deal with. To avoid this stress, and to start your new life off right, you’ll want to use these top two tips:

Use Self Storage
There are a bunch of budget-friendly and secure Chicago storage units available, so you don’t need to worry about bringing everything up all at once. Rent out a unit and go up for a weekend or a day just to drop off your things and explore the town. Most will have some buffer time between starting a new job or moving into their new apartment, so using these storage units will allow you to slowly relocate all of your belongings without the hassle and mad rush too many of us have to deal with.

Join Groups and Classes Before You Go
Moving to a new city can be extremely alienating, but there will be plenty of people in the same boat as you. Find these groups online and on social media, and barring that find some classes or workshops that you like and sign up. Just by having these activities scheduled, you can take a load of stress off of your shoulders. You don’t want to solely rely on the co- workers at your new job to be your friends. Diversify and have fun while meeting people.

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