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Different cultures throughout the world participate in a wide variety of traditions to
celebrate birthdays. Many cultures place very little importance on early birthdays that
toddlers soon grow to forget.

However, while most western families celebrate a child’s first birthday with little more
than a messy cake and some colorful balloons, the conclusion of the first year of life in
Korean culture is traditionally celebrated as an occasion with great significance.

Korean Doljanchi Celebrations
Known as “doljanchi,” a Korean first birthday party consists of a lavish event attended
by friends and family who participate in ceremonies that bless the baby with good
fortune and a prosperous future. The ancient doljanchi celebration that originated as a
recognition of survival during periods of high infant mortality rates continues to hold
great importance in Korean culture today.

Modern doljanchi celebrations allow parents to predict their child’s future, bring
communities together, continue valuable traditions, and create precious memories.
Unfortunately, individuals with Korean heritage who reside outside of Korea previously
struggled to gain access to the traditional items required for these ceremonies.

Thankfully, new online shops now allow parents in any country to easily purchase the
multiple genuine Korean pieces required for doljanchi parties. Families throughout the
world can finally participate in traditional doljabi customs that highlight this celebration
thanks to these Korean shops that can ship genuine doljabi goods around the globe.

What is Doljabi ?
Doljabi is a traditional ceremony performed at doljanchi celebrations where the family
places the child at a table displaying a variety of objects. The collection may include
objects such as threads, books, food, or money. Guests encourage the child to select
an object from the table with the belief that the child’s selection will foretell his future.
For example, a child who selects a book may grow to possess exceptional intelligence,
while the selection of money may suggest future wealth and financial success. If they
pick up food, they will never go hungry. If they pick up the thread, they will enjoy a long

Guests may also participate in a raffle to guess which objects the baby may pick, with
individual family members preferring different fortunes over others. While the accuracy
of the object predictions may remain uncertain, the ceremony still serves a vital role as
a fun and memorable way to preserve cultural traditions.

Although some parents remain traditional when choosing objects to present on the
table, the custom has evolved to include objects that reflect changing perceptions of
successful occupations in modern society.

A sports ball may represent athletic talent and future sports success. Some tech-savvy
families may provide a computer mouse for the child to pick out with the hopes of future
prosperity in the technology industry.

Objects presented to girls and boys differed significantly in the past to reflect stricter
gender roles but vary less in modern celebrations.

History of Doljabi
Despite new modern interpretations, the traditions of doljabi in Korean culture date back
centuries. The tradition began in the past when children in Korea suffered from high
mortality rates. As many children died before their first birthday, society recognized the
completion of the first year of life as a significant milestone.

The first birthday is known as “dol” in Korean and represents one of the most important
birthdays that a Korean citizen celebrates during their life. Entire villages would come
together to celebrate a baby’s first birthday, sharing food and well wishes for a
prosperous life of good fortune for the baby.

Doljabi Decorations and Customs
Customarily, the baby wears a traditional dress known as a hanbok as well as
conventional headgear depending on their gender. The traditional ceremony occurred at
the main table where the child sat, known as the dolsang table.

The table is often beautifully decorated and also displays food, including rice cakes,
fruit, and a rice bowl. High stacks of food symbolized a prosperous life, and artificial
flowers replaced real flowers as many considered dead flowers to represent poor luck.

Many families choose to decorate with doljabi banners to commemorate the occasion.
Families planning a doljabi event can even find digital Korean products they can print at
home for convenience and savings.

Doljabi Celebrations Outside of Korea Today
Doljabi celebrations are still an incredibly popular and influential celebration in Korea.
Upper-class Koreans frequently spend lavish amounts of money to throw parties in
large halls and provide guests with fancy meals. Few other birthdays receive as much
consideration in Korean culture, but finding a similar doljabi celebration outside of Korea
remains difficult.

However, the popularity of doljabi celebrations in the global community continues to
grow steadily as citizens of countries throughout the world with Korean heritage seek to
reconnect with historical traditions. Young parents are finding new ways to celebrate the
occasion in modern times, often preferring intimate gatherings over large parties.

Modern Doljabi Celebrations
The original intentions of celebrating survival have given way to a ritual that shows off
wealth and social connections, just like weddings, during an era of significantly lower
infant mortality. New generations in foreign countries hope that smaller celebrations
may place more emphasis on family and the child himself while continuing to preserve
their ancestral traditions.

Families outside of Korea previously struggled to acquire the traditional products
required for authentic celebrations. However, the recent expansion of eCommerce now
allows parents to order genuine Korean doljabi set no matter where they live.

The Best Korean Shop for Doljabi Preparations
While young families today may seek options to modernize the doljabi ceremony for
their children, the incorporation of authentic doljabi products allows ancient traditions to
persist and flourish. Korean shops that source quality products directly from Korea and
ship internationally permit traditional doljabi celebrations to continue throughout the

The Korean shop Jote-ta provides everything a parent needs to plan and throw the best
doljabi celebration for their child at their online store. This unique occasion only
happens once in a lifetime, and purchasing authentic products made in Korea and
conveniently available over the internet ensures a special event that families will cherish
for a lifetime.


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