Planning This Year’s Corporate Christmas Party

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Soon, the nights will start getting shorter, the days colder, the shorts and t-shirts put away, and hot chocolate will become everybody’s favourite drink. The last thing you want to do is leave planning this year’s corporate Christmas party until it is too late, especially this year of all years! The Christmas party is something that all employees will be looking forward to, and hopefully, we’ll have some normality by then. 

Plus, so many people consider Christmas their favourite time of the year, and it is not hard to see why. There is so much to love about the special holiday period. People get to spend precious time with their family, relax as well as party too. The latter is something which most people like to do at Christmas. After all, the turn of the year welcomes the perfect time for people to let their hair down. It helps your employees to form strong bonds by getting to know each other better as well. 

Planning a corporate party is something which requires quite a lot of planning but it is assured to be something that is extremely rewarding and an awful lot of fun as well. After all, it is bound to be an occasion which will be remembered for a long time.

Finding the perfect venue for your corporate Christmas party 

If hosting a Christmas party is something that appeals then get ready for the fun and games as the planning commences. The most important thing about any Christmas bash is finding the perfect venue to host the event. After all, the venue of the party is one of the most important aspects and key ingredients to its success. The venue will have a direct impact on the mood of the party and therefore it is highly important to go for something which is gorgeous to look at and full of fun. 

At present, with regards to style, it is in trend to go for somewhere which perfectly mixes elements of antiquity with contemporary. This means picking old fashioned vintage-looking places and giving them a modern vibe. This is a style which is also very well suited to the Christmas period, so if you can find a place which replicates this then you know that you are on to a winner.

A lot of the style of the venue has to do with the type of place which is selected to host the party. There are so many different places that an individual can choose from, these include (but are not limited to) the following; a hotel hall, a garden party, a nightclub, a sports club or a restaurant. The venue which is picked obviously depends on the type of party at hand. For instance, if someone is looking to dance the night away then a nightclub would be a great choice however if someone is looking for something more intimate where their guests can enjoy fine food and great conversation then a restaurant is probably the best option. Outdoor events, such as garden parties, have a unique atmosphere to them, and you can also use drone film and photography to capture the event and use it for promo material. You can check out for further assistance with this.

Using flowers to decorate the venue

There are a whole host of different ways flowers can be used when it comes to decorating.  And, no matter the occasion, flowers are vital for setting the right ambience. One of the easiest options is to decorate all of the tables with beautiful centrepieces. There are many different silk flower arrangements to select from when going down this route, from horizontal arrangements to big, elaborate centrepieces. 

If you want to go for something bolder that will make a huge impression, you could go for arches that are made from silk flowers. This is a stunning way to welcome people into a venue. A quirky idea is to attach a small flower arrangement to all of the chairs. 

If you want to go for a dramatic decoration, you could purchase an assortment of silk flowers wholesale and attach them to the ceiling. Not only does this look impressive, but also it is a great way of decorating without using up any floor space. Last but not least, why not display flowers in a unique way, i.e. use them to spell out ‘Christmas’ or place them in the shape of a star or Christmas tree.

What about entertainment? How about a magician?

A close-up magician is perhaps the most common image you and I might have of a performing magician. A close-up magician is one who specialises in close up or ‘micro magic’ that makes use of small items and illusory techniques to provide entertainment and astonishment in small intimate settings. This is a great choice for a corporate Christmas event.

The bread and butter of a close-up magician’s repertoire will be coin and card tricks that use sleight of hand manipulation to make the objects disappear and reappear seemingly out of thin air. Some routines involve previously unseen objects appearing from thin air, such as producing small baby animals, like chicks, in a ball and cup routine. These are the staple tricks that will wow small audiences and guests due to their simple set up but baffling results. 

There is also a reliance on cold reading, which is when a magician adds a physiological aspect to their magic and is able to point out facts about a person whom they’ve never actually met. Hypnosis, clairvoyance, divination, and telepathy are just some of what you may encounter from a seasoned close-up magician.  

Regardless of whether you’re after coin tricks, card flourishes, or more psychologically intriguing magic, all of it benefits from being performed in close proximity to small groups of people. This often astounds people, as they are perplexed at how these tricks can be performed right in front of their eyes. You and your guests will be stunned as you try to figure out how the magician performed close up tricks. 

All in all, the importance of finding the best venue to host a party is something which cannot be underestimated. It is vital to think of the latest trends with regards to style as well as the sort of building and party one is looking for.


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