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Seven Steps For Business Success

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How exciting is it to start a new business? Even in the most depressing times (like now, hello pandemic!), a business is an exciting thing that you can begin on your own. The thing is, starting a new business can be confusing! If you don’t know much about business in the first place, you need to get researching. 

You can dramatically improve your chances of total success if you are aware of the steps that make for a successful business. So, let’s take a look at 7 steps you need to consider so that your business will be the one that makes it!

Know the Market

Before you can start a business, you have to know the market exists for your products or services. There is no point in creating a niche and specialized service if it doesn’t solve a problem for anyone. You need to do your research and get to know your market, and with the right market research, you can ensure that you have a buyer persona to gear your products towards. Once you complete your market research you can then plan how many products you may need and start all of the other research you need.

Hire Managers

Every business needs to have managers to bring a team together, to lead and to create harmony. You need to also have a team of managers with whom you can discuss business matters and you all need to have complimentary skills. If you hire a management team, you need to all make sure that you are on the same page with how you want the business to be run.

You Need Customers

What is a business without people who buy from it? You need to do research into your customers and your target audience. Without the right research, you can’t hope to market your product properly to prospective customers. Once you know where your customers are based, you can target your advertising properly and make sure that you are extending your reach to the right areas.

Hiring Staff

Every successful business has a team of happy, motivated and efficient employees. You can hire into your business, or you can choose to bring in some help. You can learn more about outsourcing to an exterior company and getting support with pretty much any area of your business. The most common places to hire outside the business is IT, with marketing as a close second!

Money, Money, Money

You can’t bring your business to success without money. Start-up capital is a must, and you can get that through the bank, angel investors or even Go Fund Me campaigns! Money is often the reason that a business fails. You need to ensure that you have enough of it, and that you are making enough of it, too.

Location Matters

The location of your business really does matter, and it can make a difference to your bottom line as to where you rent your premises. You can choose to have your business online and be available worldwide, or you can choose to be close to a city centre and hire a shop floor or an office. The better your business postcode, the more you’re going to attract the right customers. Think about the facilities of the place you are hiring, too. You may need machinery or you could need warehousing and storage. The best thing that you can do is make sure that you have the right location to attract people!

Defining Your Business

Are you planning to go it alone or are you planning to have a range of partners to work with you? You need to know what your business structure is so that you can be successful with it. You may not be able to handle all aspects of this new venture yourself, and you may need to know who is liable for any legal fall out if something goes wrong. You might not want to factor in paying dividends to shareholders, so the best thing that you can do instead is to do some research into the structures of other businesses just like yours. Once you define the ownership of your business, you can start moving forward to get your business into the profitable space you need it to be.

When you start your own business, you will encounter a lot of hard work and planning that needs to be done. Once you can get through the seven steps above, you can have the best chance at success for your business.


Atlanta Native, Meaghan Carter-Morris, is an aspiring media personality and recent graduate of Valdosta State University. While there, Meaghan spent a vast majority of her time as a DJ for her school’s radio station. Known to her listeners as “Meaghan Monroe,” she found her niche in the field of mass communications and broadcasting. She later went on to merge this passion with her love of journalism and became interested in entertainment blogging. Currently, “Monroe” is enthusiastic about being a creative contributor to Social Lifestyle and looks forward to informing and entertaining readers with the latest in breaking news on their favorite celebrities. Instagram @miss_chattypattyy

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