The Biggest 2020 Floral Wedding Trends Brides Need to Know

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The coronavirus pandemic rained on some couples’ proverbial parades by canceling their wedding plans. Other couples shifted their ceremonies to socially distanced weddings in all sorts of creative ways.

Whether you’re planning an in-person wedding, a wedding via Zoom or another video call program, or just want to learn more, it’s important to be aware of wedding flower ideas. If you’re not familiar with different types of wedding flowers, you’re in the right place to learn more. Take a look at this selection of popular 2020 floral wedding trends.

Respecting the Earth

One of the biggest reasons couples choose flowers and other greenery for their weddings is because they bring a natural element to the decor. If the wedding is inside, they open the room up and make it feel light and fresh. If you’re holding an outdoor wedding, your chosen flowers put a personal touch on the scenery’s natural beauty. Flowers are one of nature’s gifts to us, so it’s only fair that we respect the earth when using them.

Here are a couple of DIY wedding flower trends that we can keep in mind.

  • 2020 Floral Wedding Trends Featuring Local Flowers

One exciting recent wedding trend is returning to an old standby: Picking local flowers for weddings. This is a great solution for unique fall wedding flowers and even winter foliage. During this time, it’s also a convenient way to get you and your loved ones out for some fresh air. If you do this, consult nature guides to make sure you aren’t picking anything dangerous—and don’t forget to follow social distancing rules for the outdoors!

  • Reusing and Recycling Wedding Flowers

An easy way to use wedding flowers in an earth-friendly way is to reuse and recycle them. It takes a little bit of extra wedding day work, but it’s easy to move flowers from your wedding ceremony to the reception. You can also use your wedding flowers to decorate your honeymoon getaway and make it extra special.

Another fun way to reuse wedding flowers is to press them and send them to guests as thank-yous and keep them for your own memories. At the end of the day, you should compost any leftover foliage as a final thank you to the planet.

Bleaching Flowers for Dramatic Effect

At most Christian weddings and some others, it’s frowned upon to wear white. You wearing the same color as the bride might look like an attempt to show her up. If you wear white to a wedding—especially a white dress—you probably will grab a lot of attention. Keep in mind that it’s not likely to be the kind of attention you want to get. If you’re planning a wedding, white isn’t a great color to choose for your bridesmaid dresses. Matching their dresses to the flowers is often a fine idea, but not if the greenery is turned white as snow!

Now that you know these interesting 2020 floral wedding trends, you can plan a festive and trendy wedding. When you take a moment to rest, check out some other articles on our site. We have all kinds of lifestyle tips for you to enrich your life and plan the best events.

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