The Different Types of Guns Explained

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There are more guns than there are people in the United States. There are over 393 million guns owned by American civilians. This number sounds large, but it isn’t very useful.

Not all guns are the same or have the same purpose, and it helps to understand the different types to better understand the firearms that represent that large number.

This guide will explain the different types of guns from Boberg-Arms, so you can better understand how they’re different.


These firearms use a bullet and a propellant to work. Their name comes from how you load the gun. Think of the classic images from the Civil War.

Soldiers would have to load the gunpowder by pushing it down the muzzle. The gun would then fire and need reloading. Typically, enthusiasts buy these guns as collectibles.

Pump Action Shotgun 

These guns have long muzzles and can hold six or seven rounds. The name comes from how the user loads the next round into the chamber. The forestock slides along the barrel to move the next rounds into the chamber for firing.

These guns are typically used for hunting, sporting, and law enforcement.

Semi-Automatic Rifle 

When it comes to types of guns, this one tends to be the most controversial because people misunderstand how it works. The AR-15 falls into this category. This gun fires one round each time you pull the trigger.

While this gun is most often associated with military use, private civilians can purchase and legally own this gun. It’s a popular hunting gun because it’s lightweight and very accurate.

Fully Automatic 

These types of firearms are the ones that get confused with the semi-automatic variety. When you pull the trigger on these guns, the gun continues to fire until you release it. These guns are not legal for civilian ownership and haven’t been since the 1930s.


The revolver is the classic gun style that’s been around since the 1800s. This makes it one of the oldest of the different kinds of guns. These guns work by having a cylinder with five or six holes for the bullets.

When you pull the trigger, the first round is fired from the gun, and the cylinder turns. This continues until you’ve fired all of the rounds. You’ll then need to open the cylinder, empty the casings, and reload the gun.

These guns are reliable and come in a variety of sizes. This makes them popular for self-defense.


This is the other main type of handgun. Their advantage over revolvers is the streamlined design, faster reloading, and higher ammo capacity. These are technically semi-automatic because they fire a round every time you pull the trigger.

To load the gun, you fill the magazine and then slide it into the gun. This type of gun is most widely used for civilian personal protection, law enforcement, and the military. If you want to carry one, you should attend a gun safety course, such as Tennessee-Carry.

Know the Different Types of Guns

Now that you know the different types of guns available, you can better understand firearm ownership. If you’re looking to purchase a gun, this guide will help you narrow down the gun types to the ones that will suit your intended use.

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