The Go-Getter Mindset: How To Get What You Want In Life

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When you look at the people around you, they tend to fall into two categories. Some are content will plodding along through life, slowly building their wealth and relationships (or not, as the case may be). And others take significant risks, make massive changes, and don’t put limitations on themselves. They put themselves out there and go for it. For them, life is a no-holds-barred fight for the best. 

The go-getter mindset is a rare trait. The vast majority of people put unconscious limitations on what they can achieve in their lives, particularly financially. They typecast themselves, denying themselves the opportunity to explore their true potential for creating value. It’s a tragedy – and it actually hurt the rest of the world too. Who knows how many hidden gems there are out there who can’t find the courage to break out of their regular lives and do something big? 

The good news, though, is that things can change. Anyone can adopt the go-getter mindset and get what they want out of life. It just takes a deep breath and an acceptance of the risks involved. Nothing is certain. Nothing is free. 

Know What You Want

The first step on any go-getter journey is knowing what you want from life – not what you think you want, and not what your parents tell you that you should want. 

No – what you need is an honest conversation with yourself about what matters to you – and you alone. If you can’t define what you want from, say, your career, you’ll never actually be able to get it. You’ll go down a bunch of dead ends, unable to claw your way to your vision of success. 

Be Willing To Stair-Step

Nobody starts fresh out of college and goes straight to the top. It takes time and a lot of stair-stepping to get there. 

Picking your training is essential, whether you opt for an occupational therapy degree or an accounting qualification. These basic skills allow you to create immediate value, which, in itself, is an edifying experience. The next step is to take those essential competencies and transform them into unique value of some form. You don’t want to be just another occupational therapist or accountant. You need to find a way to make your personal brand unique. People have to come to you because you offer something they can’t get elsewhere. That’s how you break out of the mold.  

Avoid Society’s Judgements

Don’t take the judgments of society too seriously. People will complain about your lifestyle on the way to the top because you’re not doing things the usual way. You’re giving up your weekends. You’re forgoing nights out on the town. You’re taking risks by working for yourself instead of in a massive corporation. They can see it as a problem. 

But, ultimately, that’s how you win. You need to do something different from everyone else to carve out a niche that will give you value. Be happy with having less until you strike it lucky and get more. 

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