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What Should You Look For When Choosing Between Jobs?

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When trying to dedicate yourself to follow your career dreams, and move forward towards something you find enjoyable and rewarding, you’ll often come across many off-shooting paths. Where are you supposed to go? What jobs are you supposed to apply for and take? And, the hardest decision of them all, if you have multiple options available – which do you choose?

This could sometimes mean the difference between choosing one job at a company over another. But it can be hard to measure and weight the pros and cons of them both without trouble. For instance, working at a large corporation may sound like a secure venture, but it could be that this startup you could work with is going from strength to strength, and may become just as big with bigger opportunities for those who were there in the beginning.

How can any sane person possibly come to the perfect conclusion about which way they should go? Well, they can’t. But they can come to a great decision by understanding what is most important to them. We have some advice to help you with that effort:

Potential Reward Incentives

Reward incentives are not the be-all and end-all of good staff management, but they can be, well, incentivizing. When you feel as though you have something to work towards, that your extra-mile efforts are being noticed and rewarded, then you will often do your best to excel within that firm. And if you excel, you feel more interested in your career, developing your skills, and even staying with a firm for some time because of how good you have it. You may even learn more about potential travel incentive programs. Not bad.

Workplace Culture

Workplace culture is important. It can quite literally help you feel like turning up to work to present your best self, or to just slog through the day and get it over with. Many of us have encountered jobs where we feel we’re not part of the workplace social life, and that’s fine, you can still work within those jobs. Yet if it’s actively toxic, hostile, or filled with bad characters, you’re going to actively hate your time there. It’s hard to gauge workplace culture when joining a firm, but you can gauge their values, and their staff turnover, and their hiring practices. It might be that committing to this research ahead of time will save you plenty of worry.

Pride & Fulfilment, In & Of Values

What values do you wish to support through your time at the company? While you’re still an individual, you’re part of the brand’s reputation whenever you accept a job. Are you happy with that? Are they a force for good? For instance, you might have a very important job lined up at a large clothing brand. This could be great for you. But you know that unfortunately, the brand uses sweatshop labor abroad to manufacture their clothing. Is that something you want to partake in and support? It’s up to you. You don’t have to accept every single value of a company to work there well, but even so, committing to an important rationalization can be important ahead of time, if only to feel a little more informed.

With this advice, you’ll find that your job search, and subsequent opportunities, are better thought through.


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