Why Playing The Piano Is Good For You

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We often learn the basics of playing the piano at school, but it can be rare to keep it going through the years. Although learning to play can take time and perseverance, it can be perfect for you in multiple ways. Playing the piano can be comfortable with companies such as, who offer simple piano songs to learn.

Stress relieving 

Playing the piano regularly can release any stress that is built up within your body. Relaxing your shoulders and allowing your brain to concentrate on one thing by enjoying this hobby can lower your stress levels massively. People who play are less likely to develop anxiety or depression. The best way is to practice at least a few minutes a day to allow your brain to think of this movement as a positive and chilled activity. 

Improve concentration levels

If you struggle with concentrating on one thing or another, then playing the piano can help you gain split concentration. You will need to think about many factors simultaneously, such as using both hands, pressing the pedal with your feet, and reading the music. Over time, you will find that your concentration will improve in other situations, such as talking to someone in a busy restaurant and completing other tasks. 

Health Benefits

There are loads of ways playing the piano can improve your overall health, such as lowering your blood pressure and increasing the response time of your immune system. Your hands will stay thin and flexible from regularly having to stretch when you press the keys. Playing the piano includes a lot of hand-eye coordination and fine motoring skills, which is sure to become useful in day-to-day living. 

Memory skills

You will pick up any memory skills, whether down to muscle memory of playing the keys or remembering how to play a song. But you will often pick up the sounds of songs and decipher when your piano is out of tune, or the wrong keys are played. Developing an ear for music can be a beautiful feeling. Once you get comfortable with your piano, you will often be able to teach yourself any song you listen to if you have the perseverance and confidence. 

Take your mind off a situation. 

Taking some time out of your day to play the piano can help you through hard times. Music is an excellent medicine for moments where you are struggling. The mix of the sound of music and keeping your brain busy can do a world of good for your mind. It can help heal sad situations for yourself and the people around you who can concentrate on the art of the rhythm. 

Hopefully, with this guide, you will see why playing the piano is famous for being a fun hobby, not to mention how good it is for the soul. Take the weight off your shoulders by helping your mental health and other benefits as playing can be easy to learn while allowing you to have a hobby that will benefit you in many ways. 

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