3 Major Causes of Excessive Vomiting

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There are plenty of illnesses that can bring different consequences to our bodies. For instance, a severe fever will come with body pain and uneasiness. Similarly, vomiting is the consequence of many illnesses and health conditions. It starts with nausea, which is the uneasiness of the stomach, and vomiting is the end result, which is the process of forcefully throwing up the stomach’s content from the mouth.


When to Visit Bulverde Emergency Room

Vomiting is not painful, but it is far from pleasant. It is an uncomfortable process that might leave you in a difficult health position. There are different levels of vomiting that determine its severity. Sometimes, you might have mild vomiting that can be controlled; other times, you may go through a series of vomiting that you need to rush to the Bulverde emergency room for immediate medical assistance. 


What is Vomiting and Its Severity?

Vomiting is involuntarily gushing out the stomach content from the mouth. It is not a disease but a consequence of different diseases. In the case of excessive vomiting, your esophagus might get damaged. It is a rare situation when the throat pipe gets torn apart; the condition of the ruptured esophagus is called Boerhaave’s syndrome that needs surgery and treatment. 


Stomach Illnesses By Virus

Viruses are a common reason for nausea and vomiting. Stomach illnesses that are caused due to viruses lead to vomiting. At times, it can become severe and require medical intervention. Such types of vomiting come with severe discomfort and dehydration. Another major complication in this scenario is bleeding with vomiting that might also be a sign of a ruptured esophagus. 


Illnesses By Bacteria

After viruses, bacteria is a significant cause of vomiting. They lead to symptoms that are common in their viral counterparts. The ER physician has to differentiate between bacterial and viral infections to stop the vomiting tendency. Bacterial infection can bring a series of vomiting that is often hard to stop. Food poisoning is one of the common reasons for excessive vomiting due to bacterial infection. Antiemetics are the ideal medications given to patients with excessive vomiting due to bacterial infection.


Severe Dehydration

We all know that dehydration leads to vomiting, which can be controlled by taking enough fluids. In case of severe dehydration, when your body is deprived of fluids for an extended time, you might go through a fit of vomiting. This type of vomiting is accompanied by dizziness, dry mouth, extreme weakness, etc. The loss of fluid due to the vomiting needs to be replaced with electrolyte. 



The Bottom Line

Diseases can bring several consequences to the human body, and some of them are mere signs of illnesses, like nausea and vomiting. It is caused when you feel uneasy and want to throw up. It is essential to understand that there are many common vomiting causes that often need serious medical attention. So, it would help if you never ignored the signs your body gives. The above mentioned are some of the primary causes of excessive vomiting that requires immediate medical attention. 



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