4 Signs You Are Working Too Hard

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Everyone has spent a lot of their lives being reminded that if you’re not working hard, you’re hardly working. But more and more, this seems like a toxic opinion and career culture that can cause a range of problems physically, mentally, and in our relationships. Still, once you get into the habit of working as much as you can, it’s challenging to get away from it. This will be detrimental to you and others, though, so here are four signs you are working too hard. 

Your Social Life is Nonexistent 

You cannot achieve a work-life balance if it is all work and no life. One way to identify this is to consider your social life. When did you last hang out with friends? When did you last see your family? When did you take some time for yourself? If you can’t remember, you are working far too hard, and while your bank account might look good, your brain, heart, and soul certainly don’t. 

You Are Always Exhausted 

If you feel exhausted, no matter how much sleep you got the night before, you are working far too hard. We’ve all had those days where we’ve had to drag ourselves out of bed, but if it is a constant in your life, you need to make changes. Constant exhaustion means you’re unable to focus, and this will hinder your productivity. This means, no matter how hard you work or for how long, you won’t be able to achieve the consistent quality that your managers and clients expect of you, which could have severe ramifications. 

You Can’t Switch Off 

Let’s say you finally finish work for the day. It’s somewhere around nine or maybe ten o’clock. You’ve still not eaten, but you don’t want to stay up much longer. You forgo your dinner, but once you get into bed, your brain is still whizzing with contracts, projects, deals, and everything else. You might want to watch TV, but all you can think about is the next day’s work. This is a sign you are working too hard and too much, so consider ways to delegate tasks by looking at more information on this website, allowing you to take a break from some aspects of the business. 

You Are Always Irritated 

Have any of your friends (if you ever see them), told you how different you seem lately? Do you feel irritated all the time or get frustrated about the smallest things? This is a clear sign of overworking. You think that every slight hiccup will impact your day, and this frustrates you to no end. When you feel the rage boiling, take a breath and relax, because it is never as bad as you feel it is. 

The Hustle Never Stops (But Should It?)

The idea that you must work until you drop is an attitude that is quickly training. Since the pandemic struck, many people have found respite in remote working where you can take breaks as and when you need them, allowing you to spend more time with friends and family. Of course, you still need to work hard, but do you really need to work as hard as you have been doing?

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