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5 Reasons To Stick To Your Classic Watch and Forget Smartwatches

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A watch is a classic accessory that both men and women should be wearing. It’s reliable, it’s sturdy, they make great heirlooms and they add style to your outfit. However, more and more people are swapping their watches for digital alternatives such as smartphones and smartwatches.

We generally only use a watch to tell the time, so it makes sense if you think about the functionality of a smartwatch compared to a regular one. They can tell the time but they also play music, they can act as a compass, record your steps and health data, and they can even be used to make calls.

With so many features, it certainly makes a classic watch seem useless. However, there are still many good reasons why you’d want to forget the smartwatch and actually stick to your regular watch.

  1. A classic watch is a passion project

A classic watch is a living and breathing piece of art that you can wear on your wrist. It’s a passion project that requires you to take good care of it by maintaining it to the best of your ability. You’ll need to clean the silver, occasionally change the band, ensure you don’t scratch it and also occasionally repair it. These things aren’t cheap, but they add to the history of the watch. In short, a watch isn’t just for telling the time–it’s am heirloom that takes a great amount of care but can tell a lot of stories.

  1. A classic watch doesn’t need to be charged

Imagine wanting to know the time, only to realize that your fancy smartwatch is out of battery. What then? Well, you probably should’ve charged it–but why does that need to be a concern in the first place? Smartwatches need to be charged on a very regular basis if you want to actually use their functionality. A classic watch never needs to be charged, making it the more reliable option of the two.

  1. A classic watch is more durable

A classic watch is going to be far more durable than a smartwatch. Smartwatches are certainly tough, but the electronics and glass screen can easily be broken from drops. If you want a durable way to tell the time, stick to your classic watch.

  1. A classic watch is far more stylish

A beautiful A Lange Sohne watch is going to look a hundred times better than the latest Apple Watch. Whereas a classic watch is a delicate and beautiful piece of art, a smartwatch is a slab of metal with a screen on it. It’s not attractive no matter what you do to the band or screen.

  1. A smartwatch just isn’t as useful as you think

All of the things you can do with a smartwatch can be done with a smartphone–you just have a bigger screen on your phone. Texting, navigating menus and reading text is basically hopeless on a smartwatch because the screen is so small. If you want to use all of that functionality, just pull out your smartphone instead! You need it to pair with your smartwatch anyway, so it’s going to be close by.


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