5 Reasons To Take A Winter Vacation

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So…how was your summer? Did you manage to get away on vacation? Chances are, your summer plans were probably ruined by the recent pandemic, and these plans may have included your hoped-for vacation away. It’s been pretty rubbish for most of us!

The lack of a decent summer is just one reason to book yourself a winter vacation.

Here are some other reasons to consider the possibility.

#1: You can escape the winter blues

As winter approaches, the nights get darker, the temperatures get colder, and we all get a little more miserable. Of course, this depends on where in the world you are, but if your winter promises to be more than a little gloomy, then you should escape your winter blues and visit somewhere warmer and sunnier. You will then be able to have the summer you never had!

#2: There’s still time for a beach holiday

If your swim shorts haven’t touched water in recent months, and if your beach care essentials proved to be inessential because you’ve been cooped up inside, now is the time to consider a beach holiday. Of course, some beach resorts will be snowed under (by actual snow and not tourists) but there are those tropical beach destinations that will still see a lot of sun this winter. From Honolulu to the Grand Cayman Islands, you have lots to choose from if travel isn’t restricted. 

#3: You could embrace the winter

Of course, you might not care a jot about a tropical location. Instead, you might want a winter vacation that is laden with snow and cooler than average temperatures. You could visit the Northern Lights in Iceland, or Santa and his elves in Finland. You might even want to take to the slopes at a ski resort too, and experience the thrill of the wind in your face as you hurtle down a mountain. 

#4: You can skip Christmas

We aren’t saying you should skip Christmas in its entirety, of course. You can still celebrate with a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie, wherever you are in the world. But if you’re dreading the annual visit of your in-laws, and if you’re not looking forward to an endless number of carol singers coming to your door, then getting away might be the best thing to do. Yes, people might tell you you’re nothing but a scrooge, but you can wave them a cheery goodbye as you board the plane, and throw them a humbug (literal or otherwise) as you bid them farewell.

#5: You can visit a winter festival

Okay, so a lot of festivals will be postponed, we know, and rightfully so. Crowds of people are a health and safety nightmare waiting to happen right now. However, it might be a different story in December and January, and there might be safety regulations in place at those festivals that are happening. So, assuming its safe to do so, check out these winter festivals, and if you can’t go this year, consider them for next year instead. 

So, there we have it: 5 reasons to take a winter vacation. Drop us a postcard if you manage to get away!


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