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The nature of the global pandemic seems to change all the time. As if it has an illness itself, the world is struggling to get back to its feet and on the mend again. During this time of unfortunate circumstances and bad luck stories, it’s important that we stay inspired and connected to each other in positive ways.

In some ways, we are lucky the pandemic struck when it did. Only a couple of decades ago, we would not have had the digital infrastructure and technology to handle such a disaster. Then, as now, we would surely come through it and begin again, but thankfully, we can still access the people, events, and entertainment that keep us smiling throughout this difficult time. 

Online Festivals 

In the time before the pandemic, life was very different. We could walk around freely without wearing masks, meet up with whoever we like and stand close to them if we want, and of course, go to live events – like music festivals. For those who love a summer music festival, the year 2020 is one to forget. It will be the one ticket stub not in the collection.

But that depends. Many of the big festivals, including iHeart, Burning Man, and Reading and Leeds, switched to online virtual events to satisfy the home-bound revelers. While these events did not have quite the same atmosphere, they were more accessible and still delivered the same artists and the same quality sounds. 

While it is obviously not a substitute for a live music festival, these virtual events have been pioneering in their own sort of way. Before the shutdown, these event organizers may not have considered the virtual possibilities of online live music. But now, it’s like they will continue with the format in years to come delivering high-quality, accessible music to a global audience. 

Virtual Conferences 

Are you passionate about your career? Maybe you work in the events industry, digital marketing, or entertainment. Or maybe you’re a species who enjoys keeping up with industry trends by attending annual conferences. As with festivals, 2020 has seen a blanket postponement on all such conferences and gatherings, forcing those interested in sharpening their toolkit to go online for inspiration. 

It’s a good thing that many of the conferences have had the same idea. Whatever your industry specialization is, there is likely to be a virtual equivalent of your favorite event this year. And they are as engaging and functional as ever. When you buy a ticket for one of these events, you gain access to industry experts speaking at forums and seminars in virtual classrooms, and a virtual photo booth for entertainment. 

As with the festivals, organizers will note the excellent advantages to be gained from running their conferences digitally. For one this, the capacity of the conferences can increase, and it can reach a wider audience: no more expensive flights and weekends in remote locations. You can save time, money, and the planet, by settling down at home and logging on. 

Community Meet-ups 

Community meetups come in all shapes and sizes; they include social gatherings as well as industry-specific get-togethers for sharing ideas. These, too, have been curtailed in 2020 to protect against the deadly coronavirus. And just as well, despite the pushback from some people, it’s fair to say that the government measures have been broadly successful. 

So too has been our ability as communities to adapt to these measures and create a semblance of normality. While it is not possible for us to meet up in person, we have taken full advantage of the digital environments to network and continue with our social groups. Again, these events have been broadly successful, with many people reporting improvements across the board – from budgets to attendance. 

This tells us two things: people are able to adapt to significant changes when motivated, and, that in some cases, these changes, while thrust upon us, do have some positive outcomes that will be utilized going forward. 

Virtual Gaming and Competitions 

If you’re serious into your gaming, the chances are the global pandemic has not influenced you as much as, say, most people. You just continue doing what you’re doing on your PC or console as the world flips upside down. Then there are others who have discovered the joys of gaming while bored at home as a result of being furloughed or out of work. 

The joys of gaming are far-reaching, and they aren’t, as many parents will claim, a waste of time. In fact, gaming has been shown to improve coordination, sharpen instincts, and train the brain to solve problems. All excellent skills to have in any industry. So while it might seem like you’re just battling a creature from outer space, you are actually developing key skills that could help you land a lucrative new role. 

If this sounds like you, then check out some of the virtual events for gaming that have appeared all over the internet. Whatever your specialty is, there will be a competition for you to enter and a community to join. That’s the other thing, gaming is no longer a solo pursuit; there are vast online communities happy for you to join. 

Virtual Workouts 

Virtual workouts are not a new phenomenon. Yes, they have had a virtual boost since the pandemic, but before all of the upheaval, virtual workouts were popular with people who enjoyed a flexible schedule, for instance. They normally took place in a local gym where you could sign up for a time slot and follow the workout, previously recorded live, on a big digital screen. 

Now with gyms closed and most of us confined to our homes much of the day, our workout routines have required some head-scratching. Where to workout in the home? When to workout, with so many family members around? And what exercises to do – things are pretty limited when operating from your home. 

Luckily, virtual workouts have simply been adapted to suit an online digital environment, and they’re perfect for people who want the same routine as before but on their own schedule. You can just log into your online account and book a space; that way, you can be sure you won’t be disturbed or interrupted. 


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