A Few Ways To Have a Great Time with a Side Project of Yours

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Side projects of all sorts – ranging from garage businesses, to personal hobby projects that may one day develop into businesses – have been popular since time immemorial.

In recent times, however, the dramatic rise in entrepreneurship and the “Digital Nomad” movement has meant that side projects are enjoying a major spike in popularity, and are often hailed as a necessity for anyone who is serious about their professional development, their entrepreneurial future, or even just living a balanced and ambitious life in general.

These days, there are a huge number of different powerful tools on offer that allow for all sorts of side projects to be created and managed in a much more streamlined way than would recently have been the case. A good landing page builder tool, For example, makes the creation of an effective website much more straightforward.

Nonetheless, there would be little reason in starting up a side project and grinding through  with it, if you didn’t find the process fun and enjoyable on some level. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up getting interested in side projects primarily because of pragmatic professional considerations – without ever actually really enjoying the process much at all.

So, here are a few ways to have a great time with a side project of yours.

Take on a project that you enjoy working on for its own sake

First things first, you should take on a side project that you enjoy working on for its own sake, rather than simply selecting one from a list that seems to be potentially lucrative, or professionally significant, or otherwise “pragmatic.”

Any side project you work on will involve a consistent application of effort, usually over a prolonged period of time. As with everything else in life, you will be much more resilient to the stresses, uncertainties, and irritations that arise, if you actually enjoy what it is you’re doing and find the process generally meaningful.

It’s also the case that many side projects – most, by all accounts – never end up actually morphing into successful business ventures in and of themselves. So, instead of counting on a particular functional outcome from your side project, you may as well just pick a side project that you find compelling, interesting, and meaningful for its own sake.

Focus on using any project of yours to learn more about new topics that fascinate you

Perhaps more than anything else, side projects provide an excellent learning opportunity, whether with regards to things like certain skills and insights that might be professionally useful to you, or with regards to hobby-focused know-how that can enrich your life in other ways.

After you’ve selected a side project that you find genuinely interesting and meaningful, focus on using that project primarily to learn more about new topics that fascinate you, as opposed to treating it as a means to an end in and of itself.

If you approach any side project of yours in this spirit of curiosity and interest, you are very unlikely to be disappointed. Because, when all is said and done, any side project you might take on will have the potential to teach you a lot, even if you aren’t consciously thinking about it in those terms.

Don’t go into any side project with dreams of “getting rich quick”

Easily the worst reason to get into a side project is because you’re looking to “get rich quick.”

The concept of “getting rich quick” is almost completely imaginary. Unless you happen to win the lottery, or be one of a vanishingly small percentage of entrepreneurs whose business ventures bear fruit overnight, the reality you will be faced with is that even a side project that ends up becoming a viable business is only likely to become profitable after a period of years. What’s more, you’ll often be operating at a loss until that time.

Of course, the majority of side projects never end up generating significant income, after all.

It might be that your side project can end up yielding financial dividends – but that should almost certainly not be a primary reason for engaging in the side project, and you definitely shouldn’t have any illusions of making a fortune overnight.

Set yourself achievable milestones and routines regarding your side project

In order to stay motivated and engaged with your side project, it can be a great idea to set yourself achievable mini-milestones and targets to hit along the way, in addition to establishing daily habit routines that can help you to continue making progress.

Find reasons to get excited on a regular basis, and you will significantly boost the satisfaction you get from your side project.

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