A Practical Guide to Buying the Right Safety Boots

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According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, there are more than 53000-foot injuries that happen every year. Therefore safety shoes are essential personal protection for hazardous workplaces like construction sites, industrial areas. Common foot injuries include sharp objects like a nail or something piercing through the foot, tripping and falling, and injuries due to material handling. 

Safety boots protect against such grievous injuries, resulting in a fracture, a broken toe, or even worse, disability for life. There are different types of safety boots available on the stores like Workwear Hub. However, there are certain things that you should know while buying them:

Consider Your Needs 

When buying a pair of safety boots, avoid being influenced by what other people say. Assess your workplace and the tasks you’re going to perform and choose the right shoes that offer adequate protection. Your feet are unique, and so are your needs. Some safety shoes look great on the outside but are heavy and painful to wear. 

Also, assess the level of risk and then buy the right shoes accordingly. For instance, if you work in an area that has electrical wires or your work requires dealing with one, you should consider buying rubber safety boots that are shock-proof.

The Right Size

Most people think that buying safety shoes is the same as buying ordinary footwear. That’s the gravest mistake one can make. While traditional footwear moulds into the size of your foot, safety shoes don’t. Also, if you wear a specific size in ordinary footwear doesn’t mean you’ll need the same size of safety boots. 

Safety boots are a different make and offer different fitting. It is best to take your time to try out different sizes until you have the one that you’re most comfortable in. Try walking around and leave them on for some time. That’s how you’ll know if you’ve got the perfect fit.

Style over Comfort 

Safety shoes are available in different styles like athletic, full boot, and dress options. Sites like Workwear Hub have different types of safety boots that you can choose from. No matter if you are tempted to buy full boot-style safety shoes for that cowboy look, don’t get carried away. Consider safety first. 

Ask yourself questions like do these shoes offer adequate protection for my tasks or work environment? Will I be comfortable wearing them all day long in all weather? 

Therefore, when it comes to safety boots, consider safety first, comfort second, and style at the end. Also, don’t forget to wear the right kind of socks to aid comfort.

Insulation and Waterproofing 

Moving around with waterlogged boots is no fun. Plus, moisture is the breeding ground for bacteria. It is essential to have quality waterproof boots. If you work outdoors, you could consider insulated ones for cold climate and snowy conditions for a snug and comfortable feel to the feet. 


Traction is essential to standing steady on your feet. There are safety shoes with different outsoles available. After all, a majority of workplace injuries are a result of slipping and falling. Rubber outsoles are suitable for rugged terrains. TPU or Thermo Poly Urethane is right for their abrasion at oil rigs and chemical factories. They are lightweight and able to withstand more wear and tear. 


We all want to get the most out of our safety shoes. But like any other footwear, safety boots undergo wear and tear and have a fixed life span. Depending on the make, brand, and usage, some may last more than others, but all safety shoes, with time, begin to see some cracking of outsoles, leaks, tearing, etc. 

Bear in mind the above points, and you’re on your way to an incident-free, stress-free, and better work-life.



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