Bethpage Burger Bar Opens During the Pandemic

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A Great Place to Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

I had the opportunity to speak with Eddie Fahmy, owner A2Z Consulting and spokesperson for the Bethpage Burger Bar, the latest buzz on Long Island. The Bethpage Burger Bar is a family friendly eatery that serves different types of burgers, comfort food and vegetarian dishes, something for everybody! Their goal is to make everybody feel welcomed, provide friendly service, and serve delicious food and drinks in a safe environment. Eddie and Chef David also paid attention to safety protocols and installed the latest technology point of sales system with each table having its own QR code so customers can order and pay for their meal right from their own phone. 

I was shocked to learn that the Bethpage Burger Bar was opening during the pandemic. “Yes, we wanted to create jobs for the people who worked for us in the past as well as those who are in need of one. We also knew that with all of our safety protocols in place along with our delicious food and affordable prices, people will keep coming back.” I was curious about how they came up with the restaurant idea and menu. “The team wanted a simple concept that matched the design and layout of the place so I worked closely with Chef David. We know that everybody loves basic foods; i.e. burgers, sandwiches, chicken wings, shakes, etc., so the menu items were developed from there. We also designed a party room to host kids parties and events with affordable packages to meet all budgets.” 

Eddie and I were discussing his favorite items on the menu as well as the upcoming holidays. “That’s a tough question because I co-designed the menu so most of the items are my favorite but I will say, our burgers really are fantastic and the milk shakes topped with Chonky Cookies are heavenly.! With the holidays around the corner, we will offer a special Thanksgiving Turkey Burger and Turkey Club sandwich. During December, we will serve Channukah and Christmas themed milk shakes topped with Chonky Cookies. All so delicious!” Personally, I’m vegan and was thrilled to know that there are vegetarian options on the menu. “Eating vegetarian is the latest food trend and we listen to the public. Many more people are eating healthy so we wanted to provide healthier options.” That alone is a reason to expand throughout New York and if the opportunity presents itself, they’re all in!

I had to ask Eddie who he would like to see eating at the Bethpage Burger Bar and without missing a beat he responded, “I would love to see everybody in the community eat at our place and if you see Billy Joel, the Baldwin brothers or Julianne Moore, invite them too!” If I see them, I most certainly will.  Eddie talked about how friends and family come together and share their day over a meal. He also talked about giving back to the community, which is at the center of their core values. “We’re offering a free meal to first responders Monday – Wednesday and supporting local nonprofits and food insecure.”

Needless to say, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into one of their delicious vegan burgers and wash it down with a milk shake topped with Chonky cookies! A great place indeed to eat, drink and be merry!

The Bethpage Burger Bar is a generous supporter of the community and is a great place to work and eat! https://www.facebook.com/bethpageburgerbar


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