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In the fashion world, harem pants are the new norm. Musicians, dancers, and many other women are going crazy over this new fashionable look. One does not even have to change any accessories to go with these pants. 

However, there are still many out there who are hesitant about wearing these ‘bold’ pants. In this article, we would be talking about harem pants and what all to consider before buying them. 

What Are Harem Pants?

Harem pants can be understood as loose fitted and flowing pants that end around the ankles. They may have a straight fit that is pinched at the ends or it might have a simple drop crotch style. These pants are also referred to as “elephant pants” or “fisherman pants”. 

Initially, these pants symbolized modesty. The loose shape of these pants at the hips and legs helped in concealing a woman’s shape. Harem pants originated from Southeast Asia. Rather, the Middle East and Europe were the major sources of cultural intrigue. Hence, the type of clothing that was worn here was an inspiration for others.

In the past few years, harem pants have gone in and out of fashion. They have been worn by both women and men. The popular people who have worn these pants include the famous 1980’s rapper, MC Hammer. Even Justin Bieber, Maria Sharapova, Gwen Stefani, and Rhianna, have popularized this trend.

Factors to Consider before Purchasing Harem Pants

There are several things that one should consider before purchasing harem pants. These factors can be seen below:

  1. Fabric style

Harem pants are available in different fabrics and each fabric would drape differently from the others. You can try out cotton, silk, as well as other delicate fabrics according to what you feel comfortable in. These pants would not fade or crease, hence one has to be careful with the choice.

  1. Size 

These pants should not be worn oversize. Harem pants are best worn when they are fitted. These are available in different sizes for women ranging from small, large, medium, as well as extra-large. Whatever be your size, just make sure that the drop crotch is above your mid-thigh. A good shopkeeper or retailer can give good guidance for finding out the right size for you.

3. Color and Pattern 

The Harem pants are available in different colors and styles. For ladies with plus sizes, dark colors as well as plain patterns are preferable. In the case of petite ladies, bright colors along with print patterns are sure to go well. In case you are looking for something casual, fun patterns and warm colors would be a good choice. For official outfits, dull colors and solid prints work well.

4. Try them beforehand

In case you are not sure whether a harem pant will suit you or not, you can go and try them beforehand in a nearby store. These pants are easily available in the market today and thus you can easily find out whether they suit you or not. 

You can also try different designs and patterns to find out which one suits you the best. There is no harm in rejecting the available options until you find the right fit for yourself. This way, you also do not have to worry about returns or exchange.  

5. Choose the right crop top

One also has to look for a good crop top to go along with the harem pants. Short tops define your sense of style while bringing out your best look. However, in case you prefer long tops, make sure to tuck them in so that the pants are the main focus of your overall look. 

You can try different colors of crop tops to check which one goes the best with your harem pants. You can also go for a crop top that is in contrast to the harem pants as they would enhance your look.

  1. Choose the right shoes 

Another good thing about the harem pants is that one does not have to be too selective with the type of shoes that need to be worn with them. One can easily rock these pants with boots, heels, or flat shoes. Just choose anything and pair them with these pants.


Harem pants are the latest trend in the fashion world and many people are rocking them on different occasions. The above buying guide has ensured that you know everything about harem pants before purchasing one. This ensures that you are wearing the right thing in the right way.


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