Cool Ways To Make Your Next Travel Adventure Far More Exciting

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Are you planning your next vacation? Here are some awesome ways you can add a spark of more excitement to proceedings. 

Rough It 

First, you could skip the hotel altogether. Rather than booking a hotel, you can rough it out and go camping or stay at hostels that you find on your travels. Be aware that this will be more difficult in some countries compared with others. For instance, American border control tends to want you to provide an address of where you’re going to be staying and they prefer if this is a hotel. Though notifying customs beforehand often helps people avoid issues here. 

Meet Some Strangers

You might also want to consider meeting up with a few strangers on your next vacation. You can do this if you download one of the many dating travel apps. Yes, there really are apps for this so if you’re adventurous and brave enough to meet someone out of the blue in a new destination, you can certainly give it a go. Our only recommendation would be to make sure that you are meeting for the first time in a highly public place. This provides you the extra security you need to meet up with a stranger. It’s not unheard of for these types of situations to go wrong so do be cautious. You can find out more about dating apps like this on

Rent A Boat 

One option that you could consider is renting a boat. Yes, you can take to the ocean and gain an entirely new perspective of the place that you’re visiting. This certainly makes a great deal of sense for island vacations but if you’re anywhere near the coast you’re guaranteed to find a boat hire business close by. It can be a great experience regardless of whether you’re traveling with friends or family members. The only thing that you need to remember is to listen carefully to the safety instructions and understand how far you can go. Boats that you can hire always have a set amount of fuel before you run out and end up stranded in the middle of the ocean. There are lots of great boat hire companies so do make sure you explore a few such as

Engage In Some Extreme Sports

If you are definitely a thrillseeker, then you could also explore participating in some awesome extreme sports on your next vacation. For instance, if you’re visiting Vegas, we encourage you to give bungee jumping a go. We know this isn’t unique to Vegas but America’s playground is one of the only places we know where you can bungee off a building, in the middle of the night! Alternatively, if you’re heading into the middle of nowhere around Texas then mountain biking can be great fun. Or, if you’re taking a trip to the Himalayas you can skydive over the mountains at 15,000 feet. 

We hope you love some of these ideas and consider adding them to your next travel agenda. It’s a great way to make a vacation just a touch more exciting and thrilling. 

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