Five Reasons You Need To Visit California

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No matter your interests, California has everything you could want for a travel adventure. From beautiful sandy beaches to historic sites, fun, adventurous theme parks, and stunning national parks, there is so much to do and see. Whether your trip is for children or adults, your time in California will be full of fond memories that will never be forgotten. 

Recent wildfires hit Northern Nevada, destroying 124,000 acres of land, so on your trip be sure to pay attention to local air quality reports and monitor the areas you will be driving.

Being one of the most popular states to visit in the country, you can imagine there is so much that we could share with you about California. Unfortunately, the article would be far too long to fit everything in, but for now, here are five reasons you need to visit the Golden State.

The amusement parks

California is home to a variety of theme parks, perfect for all age groups. For the kids (and of course adults) Disneyland is a must – be sure to watch the parade and fireworks too! More for adults you have Universal Studios with a range of thrillseekers rides and rollercoasters. You can also venture to Discovery Kingdom, a 135-acre animal theme park, Magic Mountain a 262-acre theme park located in the Valencia and Boomerang bay. No matter your requirements there is something for everyone!

The Beautiful Scenery

If you are after some of the most beautiful, stunning sights then California should be on your lists of places to visit. From the Pacific Coast Highway to their national parks and breath-taking beaches, you’ll be amazed at just how jaw-droppingly beautiful they are. If you enjoy driving, make sure you hire a car and explore some of their scenic routes, you’ll not regret it. Just make sure you remember a camera as you’ll want to capture every minute.

Stunning Beaches

Touching on from the above, the beaches in California are not to be missed. With over 1,000 miles of beaches, you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding where to touch down, relax and top up your tan. If relaxing isn’t your thing, no worries California also has plenty of spots to take on the wave and surf or enjoy some water sports with your family and friends. Wherever you visit, you’ll be sure to find a beautiful beach.


Some of the world’s most famous hiking trails are located in California. With a vast landscape, you can visit the longest waterfall in North America located at Yosemite National Park (You may also come across a wild bear) or take a short hike at the McWay Waterfall Trail and see the Mcway Waterfall. No matter your experience there are hikes for everyone, beginners, or experienced hikers alike.

In-N-Out burger

If you haven’t heard it before, you will have now – In-N-Out burgers are California’s answer to Mcdonalds x100! To some, this may not seem like a big deal but to others this is huge. Founded in Los Angeles in 1948, In-N-Out perfected the standard hamburgers, with the addition of its secret sauce which as never changed. Over the years In-N Out burgers have been getting more and more popular to the stage where you must try them when vising the Golden State.

Why would you visit California? Have we missed it off the list? Let us know!




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